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Introduction to HealthMedics

The new approach means that now for the first time, instead of just optimising the efficiency of medical staff and their rosters, you can have complete integration between consultant job planning, junior doctor rotas and multi-discipline team rosters, enabling you to align your medical resources with the commissioned objectives of the trust as agreed in the service plan.


The new approach provides one consolidated view from which to plan and evidence workforce management lifecycle for all staff. HealthMedics enables you to deliver the agreed service plan, improve staff productivity, reduce locum spend and maintain high quality patient care – and all within budget.



Align your medics workforce with the objectives of the service plan: service planning, consultant job planning, junior doctor rotas.

Service Planning

Uniquely, HealthMedics allows NHS Trusts to use the agreed service plan to drive job planning and rota planning in the trust, The approach ensures that the work of consultants and junior doctors is focused on delivering service plan objectives.

Consultant Job Planning

Consultants work under unique contractual terms and conditions and influence the working patterns of many other staff in the trust. HealthMedics delivers intelligent job planning and incorporates e-JobPlan, which aligns the contractual and paid activity of consultants to the service needs of the trust, thereby avoiding unnecessary expenditure and wastage.

Junior Doctor Rotas

RotaReviewTermsOfReferenceSmallHealthMedics incorporates e-Rota, the application that enables trust managers to build junior doctor rotas and quickly deal with issues relating to the New Deal and the EWTD, freeing-up time and improving productivity. The solution also delivers the ability to build rotas designed with more efficient bandings, to avoid inflated banding costs and the potential for damaging Band 3 payments. For details on the kind of savings NHS trusts can expect to realise by configuring their junior doctor workforce more effectively, you can request the Junior Doctor Rota Review Terms of Reference – a precursor to a wider discussion paper which will share the results from four participating trusts


How to put the service plan into practice: integrated rostering, leave and absence management, locum management.

Integrated Rostering

HealthMedics leverages the all-staff rostering capability of Allocate HealthRoster to deliver simplified management of all staff groups, from nurses to admin and support staff, and all staff types, whether substantive, bank or agency. The solution integrates their rosters with those of consultants and junior doctors in one consolidated view.

For more on HealthRoster click here

Leave and Absence Management

HealthMedics reduces temporary staff costs through more efficient use of substantive staff and balances leave and holiday arrangements, to avoid leave spikes and the need for bank or agency staff.

Locum Management

With the use of locum staff adding significant costs to the operating budgets of every trust, HealthMedics ensures the optimum use of staff to reduce agency costs




Quality Control

How to apply and evidence appropriate patient care quality controls: real-time assurance, appraisal and revalidation, and 360-degree multi-source feedback.

Real-Time Assurance

Clinical leaders and boards need unequivocal assurance that the right things are happening. Too many systems provide ‘reassurance’ without a reliable evidence base and are therefore not anchored in the reality of care or delivery. This reassurance doesn’t stand up to scrutiny when proof is required, in a banding appeal, for example, or in response to a request from a regulator. The solution’s end-to-end approach provides a robust process that captures evidence at every stage of the cycle. This evidence is made available so that senior teams can have confidence that the medical workforce is delivering against the service delivery plan. Combined with Allocate HealthAssure, it can demonstrate compliance with quality or financial standards, providing visibility and proof to regulators and evidence for internal/external audit and review.

Appraisal and Revalidation

With annual appraisals and regular revalidations being statutory requirements for medics, the admin burden on both doctors and on the Medical Director or responsible officer can be considerable. The e-Appraisal application delivers automatic email reminders for the submission of the necessary documentation and captures data for doctor appraisal and revalidation from any device and any location, making the process transparent and simple to manage. Providing a ‘paper-light’ workflow process, it not only reduces the admin burden, but also helps maximise the productivity of your medical staff and improve quality control, enabling them to deliver care efficiently and safely, to avoid complications and minimise patient return rates that add costs to running the trust.

360-Degree Multi-Source Feedback

Part of HealthMedics, e-360 is an intuitive application that manages the collection of 360-degree colleague and patient feedback. The application tests what is being discussed in annual appraisal using anonymous colleague and patient feedback, providing greater certainty that an appraisal is valid and that patients are happy with their standard of care.




Continuous Improvement

Find out how to develop the cycle of continuous improvement that identifies any deviations from the plan and facilitates future planning.

HealthMedics – a comprehensive, integrated solution for end-to-end staff management

In addition to focussing all medical resources on delivering the agreed service plan, HealthRoster Medics delivers major benefits, including:

  • Greater efficiency
  • Increased transparency
  • Significant cost savings
  • Improved patient care.

The solution also provides benefits in key operational areas across the organisation, such as finance, HR, medical staffing and operations, and across staff types, including consultants and junior doctors.

The new approach represents a major breakthrough in helping healthcare organisations deliver the objectives of their overall agreed service plans by integrating planning, rosters and budgets and improving outcomes.



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