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PatientFlow (In patient & ED)- provides all staff with a single patient flow view per patient as well as consolidated ward & hospital views.

Highly visual, the software prompts nurses and doctors on what needs to be done, when, to ensure patient flow is delivered. This means everyone that needs to see the estimated date of discharge, the current bed state, outstanding tasks , pending admissions and other key information can.

Using handheld devices at the bedside it automates much of the nurse effort in assessments of patients, increases safety through consistent and transparent nursing observations and EWS, reducing length of stay and enabling nurse-led discharge. The solution integrates with PAS systems and ensures information is only captured once. It automates form filling by using the captured information to create and deliver of key documents such as discharge summaries for GPs and Section 2 forms for social services.


What our customers say

“By enforcing a collaborative and clinically driven model of working across our entire organisation, Allocate PatientFlow is a robust and repeatable discharge planning and decision support solution that’s good for our staff, good for patients, and good for the healthcare economy” 

Dr Stella Barnass, Medical Director, West Middlesex University Hospitals NHS Trust


  • Prompts staff to assign a estimated date of discharge on admission
  • Helps ensure that the right things are happening at the right time to patients to ensure safe and timely discharge
  • Coordinates teams activities and flags where a step is missed that might delay discharge
  • Uses data captured once and then automatically completes and sends forms to other stakeholders in the patient pathway, for example social services, pharmacy, GPs.
  • Data collected includes Dementia ScreeningWhy EDPatientFlow?
  • EDPatientFlow provides visibility of likely breaches in 4hr 
  • EDPatientFlow is integrated to InPatient Flow providing complete patient flow from admission to discharge from any route.
  • Reduce the need for re-keying in information.

Key Benefits

  •  Ensures all staff are working off a single set of data.
  • Demand the creation of an estimated date of discharge at the point of admission.
  • Visually show the patients position against the planned date of discharged, the current bed state, outstanding tasks , pending admissions and other key information can. You can’t achieve this level of visibility and consensus from paper or manual white boards.
  • Be real-time and allow data to be collected electronically just once as part of the nurses and doctors normal duties.
  • Ensure information isn’t trapped within our system, indeed it actually uses data from other systems such as PAS helping turn information into powerful actionable intelligence.
  • Auto-populates and sends key forms such as discharge summaries and section 2 forms to other stakeholders in your patients journey reducing re-keying and improving accuracy.
  • Place patients, nurses, doctors and other care staff at the heart of the solution – not beds.
  • PatientFlow in many ways is outlining the operational demand; the number of patients, their acuity, dependency, how many ADTs there are in a day. The availability of the right staff, including skills mix, to deliver the desired quality care is key for excellent patient flow which is why we believe HealthRoster and PatientFlow are core companions in the Allocate HealthSuite.
  • Web-based allowing access via secure intranet access out of hours, deployment across multiple sites, virtual wards, use of mobile devices.
  • Improve financial performance by improving clinical Performance.


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