HealthRoster Employee Online is a robust, one-stop-shop application featuring 'one screen, one-click' functionality that is designed to be simple and easy for all users, however computer-literate they are. The application empowers individuals, gives them more control over their working lives and saves management time by eliminating much of the administration previously handled by managers.

Employee Online (EOL) enables staff members to view all aspects of their roster in the past, present and as far into the future as the rosters have been published. This includes annual leave, enhanced hours, training days, skills and certificates and their pay records before they receive their paper pay slips from payroll. EOL also allows users to request duties and time off for future off duties, submit their timesheets online and log their bank availability.

If used with Allocate’s e-Expenses application staff can enter, review and track the progress of their expense claims as well. Through the EOL solution, individuals are better able to control the number of requests for shifts/ days off placed in each roster period and combined with the league tables within the system relating to the more contentious leave periods such as Christmas, Easter and Bank Holidays. Thereby ensuring that work rosters are constructed in a fairer and more equitable manner.


“The fact that staff can look through their own HealthRoster EOL (Employee Online) account and see what has been sent to payroll and compare that with their payslips has had major impact on staff and the way they work, and the fact that they have that visibility now - it has been fantastic.”

Jo Booth, e-Rostering Administrator, NHS Isle of Wight.


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