Allocate Software has been designing innovative products to optimise complex organisations since 1991. We have taken expertise from a number of industries and applied this to the specific issues and complexity of healthcare. Today we focus on delivering software tools to help healthcare institutions manage their staff safely and efficiently so that they can deliver exceptional care to all their patients. We have customers in 11 countries, with 800,000 people deployed using our software in over 800 organisations. Our headquarters are near London, and regional offices in the UK, North Macedonia, Sweden, Germany and Australia. At Allocate, we believe in building a better future. We are passionate about helping our customers deliver the best care they can and strive to constantly innovate to support them. We are dedicated to continually evolving our solutions and services, so that customers know they can rely on us to deliver the best solutions today and in the future.

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Our dedicated and highly driven management team encourage creativity, knowledge sharing and the highest standards for our solutions.

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As Allocate strives to deliver more and more value to our customers we are looking for excellent motivated people to join our team.

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We are proud to work with excellent partners. All of our partnerships are aimed solely at improving the experience for our customers

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Quality standards ensure confidence that we will deliver excellent solutions on time and within budget.
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