How we have adapted to work during Covid-19

Learn about how we have adapted as a business and what it is like to join us during this time.

Like many businesses, our working lives as we knew it has changed. Here we have answered some frequently asked questions to give you peace of mind about joining RLDatix during this time.

Are the offices open?
We always follow the local government guidance in each country, so whether our offices are open depends on this first and foremost. We have reduced capacity and we have put in place additional cleaning and other measures to ensure everyone’s safety. However, most of our colleagues globally are currently choosing to work from home, so we’re now very much operating as digital teams.

How are we looking after our colleagues?
We have been focused on keeping all colleagues informed on our plans and policies to ensure everyone’s safety whilst preparing the business for the ‘Next Normal’. We have also introduced new policies:

  • Work anywhere: Giving colleagues the choice of where they work, whilst staying connected to an office.
  • Carers flexibility: Retaining the flexibility to support those with carer responsibilities to provide that care, whilst continuing to work a full day.

We also have a daily check-in survey where colleagues report their location and health status. This is to ensure we can support colleagues who are feeling unwell and notify others who they have been in contact with, as early as possible. As we head into winter in the northern hemisphere, we have offered all colleagues the opportunity to get a flu vaccine reimbursed by the company.

How we stay connected, even though we are far apart.
We have organised social and wellbeing activities to ensure we stay healthy and connected as people, including our global steps challenge and a weekly online Zumba class, as well as mental well-being and resilience workshops. In addition, each team has also focused on staying connected through the usual quizzes as well as fun activities such as cocktail making, pizza cook-a-long and social nights.

What is it like joining RLDatix during Covid-19?
We have asked some of our recent recruits to tell you in their own words:

“Having started my new role during lockdown, to say that I was nervous of what to expect was an understatement. Any new job creates the unwelcomed butterflies, but this wasn’t a normal job move. I had transferred from my old organisation into RLDatix and remained at the same desk. There was no need to be anxious though, as my onboarding was very smooth and friendly. I was introduced to everyone through video calls and quickly felt part of the marketing team. I soon found myself adapting to this new way of life, and despite not meeting anyone face-to-face (even now, almost six months on), I feel as though we have a really strong marketing department, with people within the function and in the wider organisation that all pull together and support each other.”

Hayley Boulton,Senior Campaign Manager

“The past few months have been strange for everybody across the country, and I consider myself lucky to have gone through this period with RLDatix. I have never actually made it into the office, and yet I feel as involved as if I had been, largely due to the incredible commitment across my team and others to maintain effective lines of communication. My colleagues in the Insight Team have been tremendous throughout this time, offering support and guidance wherever it was required and, despite being socially distanced, I have never once felt socially isolated.”

Daniel LubyAssociate Insight Workforce Analyst

“My first week at RLDatix was completely different from all the "first weeks" I have had so far. I thought that the onboarding process would be difficult, because among other things you only get to know the team virtually. In fact, everyone was really friendly, understanding and helpful. Despite the current situation and the social distancing I already have the feeling of being part of the team.”

Dominique DenzSolution Engagement Representative

“I found the onboarding process very smooth. My equipment arrived a few days before my start date and HR were in contact with a success plan for my first 90 days with the business. During the first few days I had the pleasure to meet my colleagues, line manager and members of the SMT from various parts of the business and there were two consistent themes that everyone seemed to share. A passion for the products and a genuine desire to help me. It was certainly strange to start during the lockdown as I was still sat at the same desk but with a different company and a different role, but everyone has made me feel extremely welcome and I am settling in well. There are so many resources for me to use to get up to speed on the products RLDatix offer and I am currently working my way through an internal value added sales training which has been really good.

Elliott MortonAccount Manager

Last updated: 05.11.20