Allocate Development Programme

A programme designed to support anyone looking to start a new career.

The Allocate Development Program (ADP) is designed to offer additional support to anyone looking to start a new career. This includes graduates, staff returning to work after maternity leave, anyone who had a long professional break, as well as someone looking to start a career in a new industry.

The ADP lasts approximately 12 to 18 months and is aimed at improving personal and professional development for the employees, which in turn would then enhance business capabilities and experiences. Participants can  learn the job, build a network, and establish strong foundations. A 90-day success plan allows a clear understanding and vision of objectives.

When I joined Allocate, I was part of UK Health’s one-year graduate scheme. I started my journey with Allocate as an Associate Consultant and was fortunate to learn more about the company through three-month rotations, starting in Marketing, then UK finance and a stint with Presales.
By the end of the scheme, I had secured a role in the Global Finance team as an Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A) Analyst. I have fantastic support around me, not only from my manager, but also from my team.

Tommy Chung,FP&A Analyst

I started at Allocate in 2019 as a Healthcare Associate Consultant with a rotational position which allowed me to see all aspects of the UK and Ireland healthcare business. The ADP was an interesting supplement to my regular work duties. It was most useful to connect to others from around the business, and to understand more about their roles. The book club also served to stimulate some meaningful discussions. It emphasised the importance of thinking critically, and that we all have different outlooks which are valued by our peers and the company as a whole. Of all my rotations I most enjoyed working with the Academy. So, in 2020, when the Learning Content Creator and Administrator position became available, I immediately applied.

Tom Brown,Learning Content Creator & Administrator

Since joining Allocate, not only have I had exposure to the practicalities of Human Resources and developed professionally, but I have also developed personally. A big part of this can be attributed to my participation in the ADP. I was exposed to new ways of thinking through the book club, expanded my networking outside of my direct team, and learned a lot about my own behaviour and learning styles through the one day programme Being You: How to be yourself - More - with Skill.”

Caitlin Ashton,HR Business Partner

“Throughout my time at Allocate, I have had the opportunity to work with numerous different people and learn new systems and processes within the business, this has advanced my understanding of project management and business development. Two key projects where this was evident were an acquisition where I was the lead in transitioning the acquired business into Allocate and being part of the PMO team for a project resulting in the implementation of 4 new internal systems. I have met my personal long-term targets and have set new and challenging objectives I believe the people at Allocate can help me achieve down to the culture here.”

Balal Basharat,PMO Analyst

I started at Allocate Software in February 2019, with little experience, as an HR Assistant. From the beginning I realised that Allocate strives to build a workplace where an employee feels empowered, enabled and energised.
The ADP was a great way to meet and socialise with other colleagues who are also beginning their career and developing.. The materials given to us for the program, and the discussions we had with our colleagues were fascinating and insightful. The 'Being You' workshop was very captivating and engaging. Everything I have learned can certainly be used in my personal evolution as well as my professional development.
I would definitely recommend it.

Angela Sekuloska,Talent Acquisition Executive