Working in Professional Services

at Allocate

Welcome to the Professional Services team

Our team consists of Implementation Consultants, Project Managers, Senior Project Managers and Programme Managers. We are customer facing and responsible for the successful implementation of Allocate Solutions, both on-site and through remote webinars.

Customer centric




There is always someone available to help/talk when you need it, and it feels great to know everyone is working hard to help customers as much as possible.

Becca HutchinsImplementation Consultant, Home-based

What it is like to work in our department?

Most of the time we are on-site with customers or home-based. As part of a typical project implementation, we work closely with our customers leading workshops such as: data gathering, process mapping, configuration, training and Go-Live support. Within our technical team, projects include scoping interface requirements and managing interface and merge projects. Even with standardised processes, no project is the same, and that is what makes being part of this team exciting.

How do we make a difference to Allocate?

Professional Services is an exciting and fast-paced department, grounded in making a difference to our customers. We implement the whole suite of Allocate solutions and strive to be the best we can be. There is always something new to learn; whether that is a new product, reflections from working with a customer or even changes in policy that influence our approach.  Whatever the challenge, ensuring our customers are happy and able to reap all the benefits from our technology is at the heart of what we do.


What is the team's purpose?

We are responsible for the successful implementation of Allocate technology and solutions. This is achieved by applying our experience across our customer community, focusing on what matters to our customers and by being determined, organised and caring. Once a product is selected by a customer, the Professional Services department is responsible for producing a project plan and looking after the customer throughout the implementation to make it as successful as possible.

Where might you find us?

We have Professional Services teams in each of our geographies.

Current opportunities in Professional Services

Medics Lead Project Manager Operations UK - General
Project Manager Operations UK - North
Project Manager - New Models Operations UK - General
Project Manager - Non-Clinical Operations UK - General
Senior Consultant Operations UK-Homebased