Working in Research and Development

at Allocate

Welcome to the Research and Development team

We are a global team of more than 200 people spread across development centres in the UK, North Macedonia, Sweden and Australia. Research and Development make up more than a third of Allocate’s total headcount and comprises of architecture, engineering, UI/UX, quality assurance, DevOps TechOps, agile process, product ownership and release. We are driven by our passion to help improve the quality of patient care by delivering excellent products to our customers.




Quality assurance

Allocate Software is an amazing place where everyone is supported to grow, by learning from the best leaders. We are like a family and we are all friendly, creative and focused on innovation. As a Security Lead, I am so happy to support my team and bring ultimate value in delivering safe software that helps in saving lives!

Dragan IlievskiQA Lead

What it is like to work in our department?

We work in some of the most exciting areas of technology, as a Software as a Service (SaaS) company, with a focus on complex and mission-critical solutions areas such as healthcare. We manage a mixture of structured release processes and quick release to support our customers’ dynamic environments, most recently in field hospitals as part of the pandemic response.  Respect, autonomy, accountability, growth and development are central to our team ethic. Our team works highly collaboratively and across different geographical locations.

How do we make a difference in Allocate?

The drive to challenge yourself, each other and a thirst for knowledge and continuous innovation is key to excelling within this department. The department offers a great deal of opportunity for personal development through training and knowledge sharing. Our entry-level ‘boot camp’ includes induction for new starters and provides a thorough range of options when it comes to moving into different roles. We encourage this as it helps us to gain a better understanding of the whole department. Our output impacts customers positively and, as a result, the overall performance of Allocate, from customer satisfaction to reputation.

What is the team's purpose?

We are a delivery organisation; we make sure that our technology is ready to make a difference. Our job is to make sure that each customer selecting a solution benefits from our team’s expertise and the experiences of the many customers that have gone before.

Where might you find us?

Our team is spread across Skopje, Richmond, Stoke-On-Trent, Stockholm and Melbourne.

Current opportunities in Research and Development

Associate Localisation Technician Product Development MKD-Skopje
Cloud Architect Product Development UK-General
Cloud Security Architect Product Development UK-General
Localisation consultant - German translator Product Development MKD-Skopje
Principal Software Engineer Product Development MKD-Skopje
QA Engineer Product Development MKD-Skopje
Senior Product Owner Product Development MKD-Skopje
Senior Software Engineer Product Development MKD-Skopje
Senior Software Engineer Product Development MKD-Skopje
Senior Software Engineer Product Development MKD-Skopje
Senior TechOps Engineer Operations MKD-Skopje
Software Engineer Product Development MKD-Skopje
UI/UX Designer Product Development MKD-Skopje