November 17, 2020


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Allocate People Summit 2020

The People Summit is back for 2020!

If 2020 has taught us anything it is that there is nothing virtual about people. To deliver care this year, you and your teams have had to work differently, at pace and under unprecedented pressure and often without a playbook. There is so much to reflect on, and yet we know there is still much to do as you reshape services and prepare for winter. And you and your people, as they have been throughout the pandemic, will be central to shaping the new emerging future.

So while this year’s People Summit will be delivered digitally online we are going above and beyond, using cutting edge technology as well as some more traditional tools (in surprising ways!) to ensure you have an opportunity to really connect, to share and to learn.

Most sessions will be interactive, discussion or workshop-based with fewer presentations than the traditional event. While we will be hearing from many peers in health and care we are also looking beyond, particularly on topics related to staff wellbeing, communications and culture so expect to hear from academics and others industries.

Click here to visit our Summit page to find out more.