Efficient, award-winning HR case management software

Treat everyone as a person, not a case-number.

Efficient, award-winning

HR case management

Treat everyone as a person, not a case-number.

Treat everyone as a person, not a case number

Focus on your people rather than the administrative burden of your cases with our proactive employee case management solution, ER Tracker.

The bespoke, cloud-based system is built around your policies and process to give you confidence that everything in your case remains compliant and on track, so you can solve cases quicker, reduce the risk of tribunals and have more time to manage the relationship.

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Treat everyone fairly

Long drawn-out cases affect everyone. ER Tracker helps you solve your cases faster so it is fairer for everyone involved, including caseworkers and others in your workforce.

Confidence it is done right

ER Tracker breaks down your processes into bitesize stages so you know you are following your policies properly.

Focus on people, not reporting

Streamline creating reports and admin so you can spend more time on your relationship with your people.

Protect your reputation

Protect your business and people by making sure processes are followed and can be evidenced with every step.

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Treat everyone fairly

ER Tracker’s automated workflows and alerts help you to stay on track when managing cases, meaning you can solve cases quicker.

For your people involved in a case, it means a resolution is found sooner, and they can move on from the situation. In cases of long-term sickness, cases solved quicker means your workforce spends less time understaffed and overstretched. All in all, fairer all round.

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Employee Relations Case Management software, ER Tracker from Allocate

Confidence it is done right

ER Tracker allows you to breakdown your procedures into workflows for each case type and set stages, steps and timeframes, so you have confidence that every case can be dealt with in an efficient and compliant way.

Along with document capture, you have the reassurance of a full audit trail and evidence from your workflows should things end up needing to go to tribunal.

Focus on people, not reporting

ER Tracker’s real-time reporting suite and insights means greater visibility on all cases and custom reports that are retrievable in minutes, not hours. All this enables your case workers to focus more on the people involved in the case and the relationship.

Learn how ER Tracker has enabled Medway NHS Foundation Trust to complete HR investigations within six weeks, up 43 per cent from the previous year.

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Protect your reputation

It takes a lot of hard work to build a business that is successful, attracts talent and is a great place to work. And nobody wants that hard work undone because of a simple administrative error.

ER Tracker’s task and workflow management makes it easy for you to stick to processes and deadlines, so you reduce the risk of ending up at tribunal. The central document storage and audit trail provide evidence should things end up being escalated.

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ER Tracker Datasheet

ER Tracker: proactive case management that helps you solve your cases faster, so it is fairer for everyone involved.


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