Learning Management Software that is

Modern and Flexible

Allocate DevelopMe+ for your entire organisation.

Learning Management Systems

Learning and development matters to your people. Organisations that invest in learning and development have better staff retention and attract top talent. Allocate DevelopMe+ provides a robust upskilling solution to support organisations in this area.

Allocate DevelopMe+

Learning without boundaries

Facilitates alignment of skills and knowledge across all staff and stakeholder worker groups.

Minimise business risk

Supports complex compliance requirements, protecting your people and customers through targeted dashboards and focused messaging.

Data-driven decision making

Provides organisation-wide training need and skill gap analysis for future planning. 

Personalised competence

Remove the sheep-dip approach to your compliance needs by assessing competence and delivering appropriate learning according to need.

As an NHS organisation we can often have very demanding business needs and change can happen very quickly. The team are always incredibly supportive and compromising. The support has been excellent, we thank you for that.

Southern NHS Foundation Trust

Key features

Allocate DevelopMe+

Learner centric

De-risk your organisation

Reportable results

Goal and development setting

Flexible learning administration

Learning supplier integration

Three tier learning evaluation

Live views for better visibility

Frequently asked questions

We have a broad range of training needs. How can Allocate DevelopMe+ address this?

Allocate DevelopMe+ can offer the level of personalisation your organisation needs. The platform can offer training according to role no matter how complex your organisation. 

Our staff have different learning styles. Will they have to get used to training being delivered online?

No. Allocate DevelopMe+ can manage and deliver blended learning, including face-to-face sessions, eLearning, coaching and self-paced learning, as well as integrating external training sessions from your preferred vendors. Your staff can learn in a style that suits their needs as well as those of your organisation.

Can RLDatix provide content for my training courses?

RLDatix works with trusted partners for healthcare and non-healthcare learning content. If you have a partner you would like us to work with, please let us know.

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