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Maritime organisations with large, highly skilled and mobile workforces must ensure efficient and effective resource management whilst meeting regulatory and corporate responsibilities.

Adapting quickly to challenging or unexpected events requires accurate information and a plan of action. Being prepared helps you mobilise quickly, keep control and cuts down on mistakes. Whatever the scenario, you need your workforce ready.

Allocate’s dynamic workforce solutions allow organisations to build workforce resilience in uncertain times by helping them to anticipate, respond and manage people resources cost-effectively, creatively and at pace.

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Improve planning horizons with accurate scheduling

Complex crewing requirements for large vessels, combined with high penalties for non-compliance with safety at sea regulations, makes scheduling a difficult and time consuming process.

Well organised systems for maintaining an accurate skills and training matrix, to managing compliance, travel, payroll, timesheets and schedules are critical to service delivery.

Reducing the burden on shore side planning teams means better decision-making and savings in time and workforce costs.

Allocate’s Dynamic Workforce Planning enables organisations to look beyond the horizon to ensure safe, productive and sustainable working environments no matter what the scenario. Plan efficiently, deliver quickly with our solutions.

Organisations across the Maritime industry have chosen Allocate because they value the capability to manage and dynamically adapt planning for their entire workforce in an ever-changing world.

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Van Oord uses Allocate’s workforce management for a single view of people and resources around the globe.

“In one single ship and shore system, planners at Van Oord wherever they are located, enjoy shared visibility of the entire company’s scheduling activities around the world.”

Robbert Ferwerda
Project Manager GRIP, SMD, Van Oord

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Anticipate, respond and manage people resources cost-effectively at pace.


Case Study

Van Oord uses Allocate’s workforce management for a single view of people and resources around the globe.

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