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Austin Radiological Association (ARA), one of the first organizations globally to move to HealthRoster v.10 from v.9, sees immediate benefits from new innovations in next generation e-scheduling software

By March 1, 2013No Comments

Version 10 (v.10) of HealthRoster was launched in June 2012 with the strapline, easier, faster and more accessible. Many of Allocate’s 300 plus healthcare clients thought that was quite a claim given HealthRoster‘s track record and reputation as one of the most comprehensive yet easy to use workforce planning and electronic scheduling solutions.

ARA use HealthRoster to create and manage schedules for radiologist and other clinical staff.
Implemented in 2011 the software has helped ARA improve workforce management of its 90 radiologists and 250 clinical staff across 16 facilities. The system was introduced to streamline business operations and help reduce operating costs while safeguarding the delivery of the highest quality care.

One of the key objectives of the initial implementation was to ensure that while operational efficiencies were delivered they were done so in such a way that would balance efficiency with fairness to staff. The decision for ARA to move from v9 of the software to v.10 was made easier as at the heart of HealthRoster v.10 are a number of new and improved tools to help strike that balance. Improved leave management, dynamic leave calendar views, 10x faster auto-scheduling as well as improved mobile access with Employee OnLine (EoL) which is designed to make it easier for staff to view their schedules and even manage leave wherever they are.

“HealthRoster v.10 has numerous new functions that will benefit our company. Some of the automated vacation functions in particular will cut out human error as the program tracks all the data.” Said Rick Jones, Schedule Admin at ARA.

The manner in which the migration was managed and delivered by the Allocate team impressed the ARA team. “This was a very smooth migration, it exceeded expectations. There was absolutely no down time. This is unusual in my experience particularly when an upgrade included with many new functions”, explains Sandy Strickland, Chief Clinical Officer, ARA.

The early feedback from users is that v.10 is extremely easy to use with simple single form entry points and rich user friendly reporting.

Paul Scandrett, Director of Healthcare, Allocate Software adds, “Allocate is committed to delivering leading e-scheduling solutions for our USA customers and I am proud that ARA have led the way for others by been one of the first organizations world-wide to move from v.9 to v.10.”