Operations Management

Our operations management solutions uniquely enable real-time management of staffing to meet specific patient needs, we help improve patient safety and productivity by dynamically matching staffing based on patient numbers and acuity.


SafeCare brings a new dimension to rosters creating a live view of staffing that takes into account the numbers and needs of patients.

SafeCare allows you to compare staffing levels and skills mix to the actual patient demand, it provides visibility across wards and areas transforming rostering into an acuity based daily staffing process that unlocks productivity and safeguards safety. SafeCare has been awarded an endorsement statement by The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) in the United Kingdom in relation to its guidelines for Safe Staffing (SG1). You can read about the endorsement here

Today wards are using SafeCare to quickly collect acuity and dependency data that is immediately applied to the appropriate staffing model. Senior nurses and operations teams are then using the information in a live state from SafeCare to get an organisational wide view of staffing levels and staffing need enabling them to take proactive and informed rapid decisions to ensure safety and productivity