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Prioritise your people over administrative complexities with Assure HRCase

A tailored and complete ER cloud-based system crafted to align with your policies, ensuring confidence in compliance and case progression. Accelerate case resolution, minimise tribunal risks, and gain more time for relationship management

  • Configurable workflows
  • Document bundling
  • Auto-populated built-in templates
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Custom reporting suite
  • API integration
  • Efficient task management
  • Streamlined admin burden
  • Case efficiency
  • Reduced risk of tribunals
  • Increased HR team efficiency
  • Full caseload visibility
  • Quicker case resolve

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ER Case Management simplified

A solution that is bespoke built to fit your HR policies and procedures. Streamline workflows, monitor timelines effortlessly, and produce comprehensive reports – providing you with the authority and consistency required to ensure fair and equitable handling of employee matters, every time.

Case Stages and workflows

Assure HRCase’s automated workflows and alerts help you to stay on track when managing cases, meaning you can solve cases quicker

Management Dashboard

Real-time monitoring with dashboards and views providing top line visibility and performance monitoring

Document and Storage

A central document storage to keep all files associated with the case together and an audit trail providing evidence should things end up being escalated

Reporting Suite

Assure HRCase’s real-time reporting suite and insights means greater visibility on all cases and custom reports that are retrievable in minutes, not hours.

Auto-Populated Templates

Built-in letter templates populate with mail merge ensuring efficiency in personalised correspondences and consistency in handling cases saving time

Microsoft Outlook Add-in

Download correspondence & attachments for a case, straight from your inbox to Assure HRCase with ease, allowing efficiency in managing ER-related communications

Alerts and Reminders

Email notifications and reminders keep case handlers informed, promptly notifying them when steps require completion or are overdue, ensuring timely and efficient case management

API Integration

Assure HRCase interfaces with HR systems to share data across existing systems facilitating the seamless sharing of data across existing systems

Flexible User Permissions

Control access to each ER cases based on user permissions maintaining confidentiality and safeguarding sensitive information

CMP saves 140 hours a week on Employee Relations case reporting

All the case documentation is securely stored in one place and this has meant that clients are able to go into Assure HRCase to access case documentation and download reports, all without our assistance. The process of information sharing has been greatly streamlined and clients are no longer having to access multiple password protected documents. For the team, sharing reports in this way has saved them a considerable amount of time, at least 3-4 hours per week.

Leanne HoltHead of Operations and Client Delivery at CMP

From taking 6 or 7 days to do my quarterly reports, it now just takes about half a day

The team using it are absolutely raving about the ease of use of the whole thing and how intuitive it is

Annabel Roberts

Essex County Council Speed up ER case resolution

“We’ll use the data gathered by Assure HRCase to identify and understand the causes of case
delays. As well as looking at how we can best serve our case types in the future.

Alexander CarltonHead of People Insight & Technology, Essex County Council

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