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Put your people first.

Retaining and Attracting Talent.

Ensuring workforce technology makes your organisations the employer of choice.

With an estimated 7 million global shortage of health and care workers and with demand for these skilled workers expected to grow to 13 million by 2035 attracting and retaining people is high priority for all our customers.

A decision to join or stay with an organistion is influenced by many factors. Our solutions directly impact your people’s experience of work from how safe they feel on shift, how much autonomy they have over when, where and how they work and even access to professional development opportunities. We want to help all customers use our technology to make a positive difference to individuals and teams helping support your ambitions to be an employer of choice.

Safety and Quality

Gaps in rotas and schedules not only present risk to the quality of care they cause stress for individuals and teams. Our solutions help organisations better match its skilled workforce to care delivery needs, highlighting gaps early and in real-time so that action can be taken.

  • Automated visual alerts as rosters are created
  • Visual view of staffing levels and skill mix
  • Real-time updates as patient need and staff availability changes
  • Tracked and monitored redeployments
  • Provide staff with a voice to raise flags or exceptions where they feel there is a potential risk

Creating Joy at Work

  • Have dedicated tools to assess whether a roster is fair
  • Allow a blend of self rostering, team rostering and automated rosters
  • Support flexible working and flexible instant pay for shifts worked
  • Give staff control of booking shifts, leave and study via an app
  • Monitor redeployments and allow organisations to manage these carefully
  • Apply rules to safeguard breaks
  • Help prioritize leave and study
  • Provide by directional communication tools for engagement and feedback

Empower Staff with Self-Service

Self Rostering & Team Rostering

Give Staff a Voice

Fair Rosters

Rota Exception Reporting

Safeguard Safe Staffing

Protect Breaks

Monitor and Manage Redeployments

Protect Leave and Study

Support professional development

Talk to our Team