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Put your people first with

Intelligent eRostering and Scheduling.

For sustainable health and care and happier staff.

We believe all eRostering should do three things.

  • Plan and deploy people resources safely, in the most sustainable and fair way
  • Be kind to individual workers, protecting their safety and autonomy
  • Make roster managers lives easier

Sustainable Health and Care

Careful use of budgets matter. Typically, the workforce accounts for the largest part of an organisations budget, so how people are planned and deployed is critical to delivering sustainable services.  At RLDatix we think sustainability is different to productivity at any cost. With this in mind our solutions:

  • Integrate to payroll, including complex pay rules for pay accuracy
  • Bring all staff into a single roster, including temporary and casual
  • Put you in control of roster rules
  • Carefully match staffing to demand, allowing you to see quickly where areas are under or over staffed
  • Deliver unmatched interoperability – including payroll, agency, absence technology
  • Provide multi-dimensional data insights looking at budgets, safety, staff experience.

Team Based Rosters

Safe Guards for Safety

All Staff Rostering

Temporary Staffing

Unmatched Interoperability

Kind to Staff

Let’s face it, not all people like a roster. That is because most of us benefit from autonomy at work. That is why we have worked hard to make sure our eRostering and schedules balance autonomy, fairness and sustainability. Here some key ingredients that we think help make staff happier at work.

  • Supporting flexibility through rosters
  • Allowing staff to take control of when and how they work
  • Ensuring every shift is planned with safety in mind as well as budgets and efficiency
  • Making sure pay is accurate and paid flexibly when needed
  • Build in personal development
  • Being transparent, fair and consistent in how people are treated in a roster

Self Rostering

Employee App to Self-Service

Flexible Pay

Rules based Roster

Book Leave and Study


Easy for Roster Managers

Making rostering easier for roster managers means making it easier for them to create safe, kind and sustainable rosters. It also means saving them time. Something that matters when many roster creators are also delivering clinical care.

  • One-Click One Screen
  • Roster Anywhere using mobile
  • Provide automated visual assessment of rosters using the Roster Analyzer
  • Flexibly use and Auto-Roster, where appropriate for all or part of a roster

“Love Optima – easy to navigate, having multiple tabs open makes this a lot more user friendly. I have stopped using the other version!”

Kim Chivers, Deputy Manager
Elm Grove Care Home, Bupa

“To demonstrate the ease of the new UI I took the plunge and carried out the training with no prior usage of Optima’s UI. With ease, I carried out one and a half hours of in-depth training and received incredible user feedback from the end-user managing to pick up the process of system learnability than before”.

Anthony Stone, Senior Systems Administrator
Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust

Insights and Analytics

Safe Guard Budgets

Time and Attendance

Absence Management

Payroll and Awards

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