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Put your people first with

Safe Staffing.

Supporting quality outcomes for service-users and staff.

A focus on patient and service user safety is what sets our workforce technology apart.

Whether that is getting the right numbers and skill mix of staff on a shift by taking patient need into account, ensuring that staff are not working too many hours or tracking safety warnings such as missed breaks or delays.

Over tired doctors, too few nursing staff or people without the specific skills for a particular patient or activity all pose a risk to the quality and safety of patient care. We also believe the focus on safety extends to each individual member of staff, both safeguarding care and safeguarding those delivering care.

Build in safeguards to every shift

With flexible rules engines that apply local and national policy, contract and regulation parameters. These might be limits on hours worked, guidelines on consecutive shifts, must have skills or protected breaks.

We make it easy to manage rules and apply rules automatically across shifts and rotas. With a mix of violations and warnings we simplify the complex with real-time visual cues proactively focusing roster managers attention to risk and where necessary preventing the rule break.

Gain a 360 degree view of staffing and safety

Safe staffing is complex. It varies by profession, by clinical activity and country. That is why we support a 360 degree view of safe staffing. Our solutions are flexible and include staffing ratios, skill mix, acuity measures like CHPPD or NHPPD, minimum staffing level thresholds, as well as capture of professional judgement, staffing red flags and even exception reporting for doctors in training.

“The management of the roll-out has been exceptional and we are thankful for RLDatix’s support in this process too. In terms of patient risk – we are alert to any potential issues that may arise and with greater transparency, ward managers can accurately see when and where nurses are moving to.”

Kim Perry,
Deputy Chief Nurse
North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust

Staffing Ratios

Professional Judgement

Give Staff a Voice

Skill Mix

Rota Exception Reporting

Plan and manage staffing based on acuity and dependency

Red Flags

All Staff Groups

Patient Level Scheduling

Rules-Based Roster

From Planning to Daily Staffing

Our solutions allow organisations to plan for safe staffing, whether that is a roster weeks in advance, a rota pattern months in advance or a workforce planning model a year or more ahead of time. Even so, shift by shift things change. Staff absence and increased demand for care creates gaps. These gaps might be filled by requesting staff from elsewhere, such as agency and often staff can be redeployed to different areas. Allocate SafeCare allows you to track attendance and patient need providing a real-time view to manage daily dynamic staffing.

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