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The Armed Forces are all about the


Top ranking workforce and resource management.

People and resource management Software as a service (SaaS) for connected, driven, and resilient armed forces.

Armed forces must be adaptable and responsive, with the ability to shift emphasis rapidly between prevention, deterrence, protection and intervention. Accurate workforce and asset scheduling is essential for informed decision-making.

Allocate’s dynamic workforce solutions are essential for Armed forces’ organisations, giving an accurate real-time view of workforce and assets, and enabling operations to run in an agile and responsive way.

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Manage your people and resources

Ensure your armed forces and resources are in the right place, at the right time, safely and cost-effectively.

Staff and resource deployment costs are major components of the armed forces, which makes workforce and asset optimisation critical.

View the resources and available skill sets to support strategic, informed and timely decision-making to enhance performance and delivery.

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Full integration with the Army’s Capability Management System

“Co-operation between the Royal Australian Navy and Dynama (Allocate) has been outstanding. We are on course to implement one of the most far reaching, cost effective capability management programmes to date. It will have material benefits to all Naval personnel and has the potential to improve retention in key areas at time of increased operational tempo, while reducing costs”

Navy Personal Information Systems Management

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Enhanced operational efficiency

“I wanted to tell you that your team has done a remarkable job and we are extremely pleased. I think we now have a valuable mechanism to project combat power”.

Col Stu Bradin
US Army, Chief of Staff NATO
Special Operations Forces

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Anticipate, respond and manage people resources cost effectively, creatively and at pace


Case Study: NATO

Read how NATO has enhanced its operational efficiency and significantly improved training processes.

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Case Study: Royal Fleet Auxiliary

Effective forecasting, resourcing and understanding of deployment, tracking and crew use.


White Paper: Scheduling in Dynamic Environments

Transforming resource optimisation for a changing world.


Maritime and Defence Workforce Deployment

Different worlds, same challenges.


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