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Government HR, workforce and expenses solutions.

Built around People.

Not just processes.

People Management software as a service (SaaS) for responsive and connected government organisations.

We help governments drive digital transformation through a focus on operational excellence.

Working closely with public sector leaders, we support the effective management of people and resources, helping to drive improved frontline service delivery.

From ensuring you have the right people in the right place to handling employee relations and expense reimbursement; we help support an engaged and efficient workforce.

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Managing your employee relations

Support case managers and engage more effectively with employees, by delivering employee relations in a fair, consistent, and timely manner.

Significantly reduce your case costs by reducing case length. Long terms sickness or absence cases can be resolved quicker meaning a lower spend on temporary cover or over-stretched under-staffed departments.

Reduce the time it takes to complete Freedom of Information requests with instant and reportable access to all case data.


Manage your People and Resources

Ensure the right people and resources are in the right place, at the right time, safely and cost-effectively.

Staff and resource deployment costs are major components of government organisations, which makes workforce and asset optimisation critical for efficient service delivery.

View the resources and available skill sets to support strategic, informed and timely decision-making to enhance performance and delivery.


Manage your company expenses

Simplify the way employees are reimbursed, whilst speeding up approvals, and allowing finance to see exactly what they’re spending.

Ensure that employees, elected and appointed officials, and others (such as advisory board members or volunteers) know exactly what they can and can’t claim for.

Easily report and analyse government expenses spend with accurate and automatic auditing.


Quicker ER Case Resolution

“ER Tracker puts our HR policy front and centre, which is helping the team to meet the standards and timeframes we’ve set ourselves. All our documentation, correspondence and emails are securely stored in the cloud, in one location, giving us peace of mind that if a case were to go to employment tribunal we’d have evidence of compliance with our HR policy.

ER Tracker is allowing us to drive value into our service centre, not only is the new system enabling the HR department to concentrate on producing self-service content which is beneficial to the organisation but also ensuring that information is easily accessible.”

Alexander Carlton
Head of People Insight & Technology
Essex County Council


Expenses Policy Enforcement and Governance

“Employees have clear visibility about what they can and can’t claim for; we’re eradicating claim errors at the point of submission and cutting costs by reducing over-claiming.

The new expenses service also enforces the Council’s policy of reimbursing the shortest route – not necessarily the quickest – between start and destination postcodes of a journey. Again, enforcement of the policy prevents overclaiming and reduces costs for the Council.”

Derek Brown
Transactions Manager
Northumberland County Council


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