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Put your people first with

Temporary Staffing.

Supporting quality outcomes for service-users and staff.

We know how important bank and temporary workers are. They are part of your team. They allow you to overcome many challenges.

Most organisations we work with operate with vacancies that make filling all shifts with substantive staff difficult. Add on unplanned absence, and the need to access quality temporary workers becomes mission critical. We help you plan for temporary workers and we make it easy and attractive for temporary or causal staff to find, access and be paid for work in your organisation.

Our technology manages the process from planning to daily staffing helping you fill vacant shifts with the right people at the right cost. Safeguarding quality and making care delivery sustainable in the long-term.

On a typical month in the UK alone our technology fills over 1.7m shifts with bank or agency staff. Our process from planning to daily staffing mean over 80% of these shifts are filled by known NHS staff on banks and not premium cost agency staff. We make it easy to be proactive about vacant shifts.

And that is why we love temporary workers. They let you complete your workforce so you can operate at your best, so everyone can deliver the best health and care.

Get the right worker at the right cost

There are so many different types of temporary worker. You want to make sure you get the best price and only use more premium options if necessary. So our range of products support how you can cascade your requests to fill vacant shifts, starting with your internal banks, followed by collaborative banks and agencies. All while making sure your temporary workers are skilled matched to the shift requirements and offering agency bumping when a more suitable and cost effective worker is available.

“There is significant pressure on trusts financially and the big area to focus on is agency spend – we will never get it down to zero, but this is a great way to ensure that agency spend reduces and reduces significantly”

Sue Winter, Director of Workforce
Epsom and St Helier University Hospitals NHS Trust

Streamline bank processes

Cascading shifts

Acuity Matching

Enables Flexible Working

Align agency payments with frameworks

Easy access
to shifts

Drive cost


Quick payments for workers

All-Staff Groups

Products and Resources

Make accessing vacant shifts easy

Having a good temporary workforce isn’t just about the technology. It’s about the people and the experience. We ensure our solutions for filling vacant shifts are not only delivering you benefits of cost savings and compliancy, but make staff accessing these shifts as simple and easy as possible, through mobile apps and simple one-click requests.

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