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HR Compliance, Finance, Transport and Workforce Technology

Elevate Workforce Dynamics with Cloud-Powered Operations, Transport, HR Compliance and Finance Solutions

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At RLDatix, we empower organisations to optimise workforce efficiency and productivity. From aligning skills for evolving business goals to strategically planning resource utilisation, our mission is to ensure adaptability and resilience in addressing complex business challenges.

Assure HRCase

Case Management Solution


  • Configurable workflows
  • Document bundling
  • Auto-populated built-in templates
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Custom reporting suite
  • API integration
  • Efficient task management
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Assure Expenses

Expenses Management Solution


  • Accurate journey validation and mileage tracking
  • Highly configurable around your expenses policy
  • Corporate card management
  • OCR receipt scan and validation
  • Driver & vehicle check
  • Powerful reporting suite
  • Built in HMRC and VAT rules
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Policy Stat

Document Management Solution


  • Standardise policy content and styling across your organisation
  • Powerful search-as-you-type technology
  • Rapidly displays information users need
  • Automated review and approval process
  • Approver dashboard, email notifications and reminders
  • Advanced reporting
  • Record staff acknowledgement of a policy
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Allocate OneView

OneView Workforce Management Solution


  • Dynamic organisation structure modelling for resourcing
  • Extensive set of workforce planning tools
  • Integrated document management and auditing capabilities
  • Configurable hierarchies for positions, roles and complex skills management
  • Open API for integrations with ERP, Payroll, Project planning and travel providers
  • Auto-scheduling and work plans for what-if scenarios
  • Powerful reporting capabilities
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Flexiroute Home to School & Community Transport

Home to School and Community Transport Solution


  • Smart driver and passenger app
  • Google maps integration providing real-time updates
  • Journey configuration such as cancelling or amending
  • Full vehicle tracking
  • Built in reports to compare current vs optimised networks with route optimisation
  • Auto plan journeys based on real-time traffic information
  • Efficient invoice management
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Hear from our customers

Quicker ER Case Resolution

  • Tracked HR cases in the cloud
  • Improved self-service processes
  • Real-time case monitoring
  • Continuous product development

“From the initial kick-off meeting, it was approximately three months until our ER Tracker puts our HR policy front and centre, helping the team to meet standards and timeframes, and giving us peace of mind that if a case were to go to an employee tribunal we’d have evidence of compliance.”

Alexander Carlton
Head of People Insight and Technology
Essex County Council

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Streamlined transport planning & dispatching

  • Reduced administrative and compliance burden
  • Safest and greenest routes to transport
  • Accurate invoicing
  • Greater control over information

“The Flexiroute system ticked all of the boxes, and this was especially important for our Digital by Default project. With PlanRoute, anyone can query and find the information that they need, instantly. This really speeds up the process of allocating students on to routes.”

Dan Jeanes
Network Manager
Warwickshire County Council

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A single view of people and resources around the globe

  • Efficient forecasting and resourcing
  • Effective forward planning of crew requirements
  • Real-time visibility and accuracy of crew
  • Improved management reporting

“The versatility of OneView allows me to tailor the system to suit the needs of the organisation. This reduces support costs and allows requests for change from the users to be implemented expeditiously.”

Chief Officer Andy Cooke
RFA Dynama Project Manager
Royal Fleet Auxillary

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DFS improved transaction process by 80%

  • Operational efficiency in claims processing
  • Reduced overspend
  • Maximised VAT reclamation
  • Reduced corporate risk

“We found that the [system] was more accommodating because we were quite particular with what we wanted, so it just made it an easy decision.”

Discover how you can build strategic workforce resilience with OneView

Empowering Organisational growth and resilience through streamlined HR, Finance, Transport and Workforce Solutions.

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