Optima Medics

Our medical workforce software is used by over half of all consultants and junior doctors in the UK to manage planning, rotas, leave management, and clinic or theatre activity management.

“The medics leave planning process has demonstrated a 33% reduction in the number of steps required to complete a view of medic availability”

Aintree University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

“HealthMedics gives us a platform to integrate leave management and on call rotas for our entire medical workforce. Using the functionality available, we have greater visibility of potential gaps in our service so we can act on them sooner.”

Epsom & St Helier University Hospitals NHS Trust


MedicOnline is a simple and engaging solution to manage medic availability, including leave, study and on call rotas. Our mobile solution is designed to benefit medics’ working lives empowering them with information and control.

  • View your own and others’ on call rotas
  • Quickly record call outs
  • Book leave and study quickly, and ensure leave is effectively managed
  • Record, manage and analyse sickness
  • Integrate with iCal for better visibility with personal or family calendar


MedicOnDuty is the answer for organisations that need to shift roster doctors and manage locums. It is designed to meet the unique needs of the medic and science workforce.

MedicOnDuty integrates with rotas, job plans and service plans providing an effective way to help drive fairness and to ensure rules to safeguard patient safety and staff safety are adhered to, while ensuring the most productive results for a sustainable service.

  • See who is working and when, but also where
  • Includes locum management system to manage locum and agency requests
  • Payroll processing – enables payment of premium rate activity and locum timesheets
  • Supports swaps


The next step from MedicOnline and OnDuty, ActivityManager allows you to schedule any clinical activity (e.g. clinics, ward rounds or theatre sessions), assigning a lead for that activity (typically a consultant) and other supporting staff such as junior doctors, specialists, nurses, ODPs to ensure that particular clinical activity is delivered to the patient.

  • View rosters based on clinical activity
  • Ensure activity is appropriately staffed
  • Medics can view the when, what and who else regarding their activity
  • eJobPlan integration enables cross-referencing of  delivered consultant activity

What do our medics customers say?

See what our customers are saying about the benefits of Allocate Optima…

“We have moved to real time daily staffing using patient acuity, it is reviewed three times a day in staffing meetings. This combined with a rigorous focus on eRostering, the use of benchmarking data and targeted improvement is helping us use our staff resource more effectively”

Beverley AllinghamDeputy Director of Nursing Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust

“We use the data from e-Roster via Allocate-Insight in our divisional performance and Board Packs. We are focusing on just a small set of metrics that help us answer the question are we rostering effectively?
For example we have improved Agency Staff Usage by -0.3% during a period when overall temp staffing use has increased.”

Sam FosterChief Nurse, Heart of England, NHS Foundation Trust