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Agria Pet Insurance is one of the world’s leading animal insurers and they needed a flexible expenses software solution to move their staff to digital expenses.

“Previously our expenses process was heavily paper-based which was time-consuming for both the employees submitting expenses, and also the finance team authorising.

From the initial kick-off meeting, it was approximately 3 months until our staff were entering their expenses in the new solution which has significantly cut processing time across the business. We’re delighted with how much quicker the whole process is, and the finance team are now able to report on all aspects of our expenses spend.

Over the last few months, we’ve started to roll out some of the updated features. We’re using the enhanced duty of care feature to manage all of our duty of care documents and obligations. The next phase will be the rollout of the Expenses Mobile app which will make it even easier for our staff to enter, submit and approve expenses.”

Emma Goodchild, Systems Accountant
Agria Pet Insurance