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10th January 2019

Allocate and Brookson Direct announce an exciting new partnership to deliver interoperability between Allocate’s BankStaff and Brookson Direct’s agency release and worker engagement solution

The partnership will be the first of its kind delivering a seamless end-to-end solution providing visibility of agency sourced workers engaged by the NHS in real-time live rosters alongside the substantive workforce. The two-way interface will unlock operational efficiency, improve flexible worker compliance and reduce errors by removing onerous administration and data entry.

The combined solutions provide Allocate’s customers with a choice of how to manage agency sourced temporary worker engagement. This will help those customers that want a technology solution combined with a best-of-breed fully-managed service for engagement of temporary staff, including outsourced payroll.

The partnership with Brookson Direct has already been positively received by Allocate’s NHS customers. Claire Scrafton, Deputy Director of HR, St Helens and Knowsley Teaching Hospital’s NHS believes it is an important development providing interoperability between the Allocate and Brookson solutions. It will allow the trust to maintain a complete view of its workforce and enable streamlining back offices processes, resulting in the reduction of manual administration and double inputting across multiple systems.

“The partnership will enable seamless confirmation of bookings e-rostering and bank booking systems which will improve services for front line staff and managers. This will have tangible efficiency and quality benefits for NHS Trusts. I’m delighted to see both organisations responding to our feedback and needs, and I look forward to working closely with both of them to help to further shape services and system enhancements for all NHS organisations,” she said.

Nick Wilson, CEO Allocate, said: “I’m delighted that Brookson Direct’s worker engagement solution will become part of Allocate’s workforce technology ecosystem. I’m determined that Allocate leads the way on the interoperability of workforce systems. We are excited to be working with other vendors to link complementary functionality across systems in the way that our NHS customers tell us they want. This will make a difference to operational effectiveness, staff experience and safely delivered care.”

Jon Bennett, Managing Director, Brookson Direct said: “We are delighted to work with Allocate, its solutions are widely used and respected as some of the most sophisticated healthcare workforce solutions in the NHS and globally. Combining this with our market-leading agency release, worker engagement and payroll solution can only mean even better outcomes for our shared customers. This is also great timing ahead of our name change to +Us in 2019”.


Notes to editors

About Allocate Software

Allocate Software is a leading international provider of workforce and resource planning solutions, supporting the operational and administrative needs of healthcare, defence and maritime sectors.

In the health and care sector, Allocate is enabling the delivery of safe and effective care at optimal cost, by helping organisations to have the right people in the right place at the right time. With over 800 clients and over a million staff rostered daily, Allocate serves the largest public and private sector institutions around the world. Its Optima, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), platform including HealthRoster and HealthMedics, optimises the complex staffing requirements of large health and care organisations. Alongside automating sophisticated scheduling and ensuring accurate pay for staff that have complex pay rules, it is unique in providing additional benefits to improve the safety of staffing given changing patient needs, the management of contingent workforce, and the engagement of staff through the dedicated app. Optima is used to plan the working lives of half million staff across all workforce groups including doctors, nurses, therapists, care staff, operational staff and administrators.

Allocate Software is Headquartered in the United Kingdom, with 500 employees, including over 190 in research, development and product management functions. It provides services and support to its international customer base through regional offices in the UK, Sweden, France,  Germany and Australia.

About Brookson Direct

Brookson Direct deliver a Contingent Workforce Platform and Managed Services specially designed for the NHS and healthcare sector.

Utilising the latest techniques, Brookson Direct integrates Bank, Agency Release and Worker Engagement/Payment modules with client and third-party software to deliver efficient and cost-effective solutions to the entire non-permanent (contingent) workforce management process. To further enhance client benefits, Brookson Direct offer this under a fully managed service that sees the provision of dedicated Brookson Direct experts to manage the processes and technologies.

Brookson Direct work with 45 NHS clients as well as several prominent private healthcare provides across the UK.

Brookson Direct is rebranding to +Us in February 2019.


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