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Allocate Software delivers e-Rostering for Doctors to four NHS Trusts helping to improve safety and deliver efficiency savings

By May 12, 2010July 27th, 2022No Comments

Allocate Software is pleased to announce that four NHS Trusts have signed new agreements for HealthRoster e-Rostering for Doctors and Medical Staff Module.East Cheshire NHS Trust, Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust, Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust and Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust will all utilise HealthRoster to manage their medical staff more effectively, in order to improve the existing workforce processes, policy and management. In particular the module will streamline the rostering process for Doctors’ rotas which can be difficult to manage due to the European Working Time Directive (“EWTD”), annual leave and all programme activities. HealthRoster is the only fully integrated system that is proven to be able to accommodate and manage the complexity of rota development for medical staff both at Junior Doctor and Consultant levels.

These Trusts join a growing community of twelve organisations which are now using HealthRoster to roster multiple clinical and non-clinical staff groups.

Jackie Green, HR Director, Leeds Teaching Hospital NHS Trust commented on her reasons for choosing HealthRoster; “As one of the biggest Trusts in the country we are always looking for new ways to help us ensure that we consistently deliver excellent services. Allocate Software’s HealthRoster solution is going to help us do that – it will not simply automate our existing rostering process, instead it will introduce a new process that understands our unique and demanding requirements to help us manage our 13,500 strong workforce much more efficiently. Through this solution we expect to save £500,000 in the next financial year and we expect that all system costs will be recouped within 12 to 18 months.

“Being able to manage the time of medical staff is a real benefit that this product offers – it will now enable us to roster all staffing groups using just the one system. This approach will provide Trust-wide transparency in terms of our large and complex workforce and ultimately will ensure that we can continue delivering the highest levels of care.”

Having selected HealthRoster to help manage medical staff, these Trusts will now gain from the benefits that have already been identified from our other customers, which include:

  • Reduced EWTD breaches – through improved workforce management, and improved protection against possible EWTD breaches and associated costs of £5,000 per breached duty
  • Managed and reduced banding – through pro-active rota management and increased utilisation of the medical workforce, two particular hospitals have reported significant banding reductions; one hospital reduced the banding from 2a to 1a across multiple specialities, and in another the banding was reduced from 1a to 1b across multiple specialities. HealthRoster has further helped ensure that the banding does not revert to their original levels through the lifecycle of the rota
  • Improved leave management – through increased visibility and analysis of staff availability, managers are able to balance and control all leave
  • Reduced rota administration – up to 0.25 WTE Medical Staffing Co-ordinator per specialty or 0.5 PA per consultant per week

HealthRoster is already being used extensively at the Barking, Havering and Redbridge University Hospitals NHS Trust to manage both Consultant job plans and the rotas of Junior Doctors. Leigh Malyon of Barking, Havering and Redbridge University Hospitals NHS Trust, comments; “If any Trust is serious about monitoring all their staff groups, at the moment this is the only product I believe that does that. It is a significantly different product to any of those on the market with a unique and extensive range of functionality.”

Paul Scandrett, Director of Healthcare at Allocate Software, added; ‘We are pleased to be working with these Trusts to implement our solution specifically to manage the time of the Junior Doctors and Medical Staff. This is a very challenging area for Trusts, and we have worked incredibly hard to build a solution which is proven to effectively manage medical staff and simplify a highly complex rostering process in order to help Trusts utilise all of their staffing groups efficiently. We look forward to working with East Cheshire NHS Trust, Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust, Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust and Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust.”