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Product Update- December 2015

By December 17, 2015August 9th, 2022No Comments


The latest in Product Development

Introducing the latest enhancements to Allocate RosterOn:

  • Task Runner.  Significant enhancements have been made to the Allocate RosterOn Windows service that manages background tasks.  The service can now be installed on multiple machines with built in fail-over.  Each service has multiple queues and each queue provides multi-threading capability.  Greater transparency of running tasks, completed tasks and inbuilt fail-over capability are other new key features.
  • Reporting layer– Views. New views for the planned and live roster have been introduced to aid ad-hoc reporting. The views turn complex data into usable information for a more user friendly experience. This allows users to create ad-hoc reports quickly.
  • Reporting Layer – Ad-hoc Reporting.  Although a feature of the product for some time, the ad-hoc reporting has been streamlined to make it easier to copy and modify existing reports and create new reports, utilising SQL Server Reporting Services.
  • Pay from Swipe time. A feature has been added to the Swipe Tolerance to enable the actual (live roster) start and finish times to be updated to the swipe on and swipe off times. Times are only updated if the swipe on and swipe off transactions are within tolerance of the planned start and finish times when this feature is enabled.
  • Award Scenarios Process in Allocate RosterOn.  The three step process of configuring award rules to match Award Scenarios (test cases) has been simplified with a utility within Allocate RosterOn to manage the test cases. This removes the need for the external excel spreadsheet, saving time and simplifying the process for award scenario cases.

There’s also some great new functionality planned for upcoming releases including:

  • Enhanced Logging for Services with new Dashboard
  • Award Rule and Alert Rule Enhancements
  • Automated Award Rule regression testing
  • Employee Totals
  • Swipe Exceptions Management screen
  • Reporting Layer – Views additional functions
  • Gantt view for roster and availability displays
  • Leave Planner using new Gantt view


Our latest enhancements have been selected from customer requests and user feedback to ensure the ongoing development of Allocate RosterOn aligns to the needs of our customers.