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Product Update- February 2016

By February 25, 2016August 9th, 2022No Comments


The latest in Product Development

Award and Alert Rule Enhancements: To reduce the number of award rules you need to manage, we have enhanced the award and alert rule maintenance window. This allows you to broaden the scope of existing rules and reduces the number of new rules you need to add to the library.

 Area Attributes for Geolocation: To simplify the process of tracking employee locations with mobile swipe on/off, we have introduced the ability to assign longitude and latitude coordinates against an Area. This reduces the time spent on validating sign on/sign off locations.

 Change Area: We have made an enhancement to enable RosterOn users to switch areas without having to log out. This reduces the number of clicks needed for certain users, improving the overall experience.

 Grid Display Enhancement for shift colour: As an extension to team colours, you can now assign a colour to individual shifts on the roster. This was customer requested funcitionality, and means you can highlight the shift for supervisor, DoN or any other shift type. The colours are visible on the grid in steps 1,2 and 3.

 Mandatory Leave Request Reason: You now have the option of mandating a leave reason in leave requests. This ensures your leave request comply with business policy and helps to reduce the need for managers to chase additional information before approving/rejecting leave.

Re-send Fingerprint: To simplify the process of replacing fingerprints in the swipe module database, you can now replace an employee fingerprint easily with the new ‘resend fingerprint’ option.


There’s also some great new functionality planned for upcoming releases including:

  • Automated Award Rule regression testing
  • Employee Totals
  • Swipe Exceptions Management screen
  • Reporting Layer – Views additional functions
  • Gantt view for roster and availability displays
  • Leave Planner using new Gantt view