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Product Update – October 2014

By October 25, 2014No Comments

Allocate is  pleased to announce that there are a number of exciting new developments in the latest release of Allocate RosterOn, including:

  • Ad-hoc Reporting which enables customers to produce reports using SQL Server Reporting Services and register these reports within the RosterOn application for deployment using the standard security infrastructure.
  • The new Budget Modelling Tool enables a detailed budget to be produced for each work area based on the Employee Requirements and to ensure that demand and budget are aligned. Detailed budget reporting ensures that both planned and live rosters are managed in accordance with the budget.
  • Significant Performance improvements have been made to the grid displays using the multi-threaded capabilities available in the latest Microsoft technology platform. After initial retrieve of the grid display, updates and display refreshes are managed in the background giving immediate control back to the operator.
  • Data Accessibility has been greatly enhanced with the ability to export data from almost any screen to CSV, Text or Excel. Data in the spreadsheets can be manipulated and spreadsheet imported. This is similar to, but not a replacement for the Requirement Surveys and eliminates the need to generate CSV files.
  • Regression Testing has been enhanced extensively over the past few years with a large percentage of the application now being covered by automated testing. Coupled with dedicated QA personnel, the quality of each release has increased significantly.
  • The Upgrade Process has been automated for customers now on the V8 platform

There’s also some great new functionality planned for upcoming releases including:

  • Mobile Client Enhancements
  • Enhanced Biometric integration
  • Employee Entered Timesheets with manager approval
  • Leave Planner
  • Further Performance Enhancements

If you have queries please contact [email protected]