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Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) has announced the adoption of software which will dramatically improve staffing procedures at the hospital. Allocate Software will provide RCH with a sustainable and flexible staff rostering system. The intuitive and easy to use system strikes the balance between staffing productivity, managing costs and the delivery of safe patient care.

The RCH has conducted the most rigorous evaluation before ushering in the new system following a year long process which pitted Allocate Software against the largest rostering and time-clock provider in Australia. The two systems were trialled in different departments and a thorough analysis of the results was carried out before a decision was made. This allowed the Hospital to assess which product was going to be able to handle the demanding environment of one of Melbourne’s busiest hospitals.

Creating efficient and effective staff rosters is a challenge across the whole the health industry, particularly in Australia, where payroll integration and automated award interpretation are fundamental to hospital operations.. The benefits of high quality rostering are felt in better staff availability and skills matching for clinical requirement, more staff hours being directed to patient care, more equitable access to overtime opportunities and lower organisational operations costs.

Melbourne’s Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) has been providing outstanding care for Victoria’s children and their families for over 140 years. They are the major specialist paediatric hospital in Victoria, with a staff campus of close to 4,000. RCH provide a full range of clinical services, tertiary care and health promotion and prevention programs for children and young people. RCH are the state-wide major trauma centre for pediatrics in Victoria and a Nationally Funded Centre for cardiac and liver transplantation.