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11 Nurse leaders, Allocate Software & Nursing Times article on ‘How are nurse leaders feeling about safe staffing?’

By December 11, 2013No Comments

Staffing levels have been high on the agenda all year and look set to continue to be so following the release of the safe staffing ‘How to guide’ from NHS England where expectation 2 states ‘Processes are in place to enable staffing establishments to be met on a shift-to-shift basis. The Executive team should ensure that policies and systems are in place, such as e-rostering and escalation policies, to support those with responsibility for staffing decisions on a shift-to-shift basis.’

As part of our focus on supporting safe staffing levels Allocate Software and The Nursing Times brought together 11 nursing directors to discuss their thoughts, concerns and hopes for their trusts’ staffing.

Published this week you can read the Nursing Times article on what Nurse Directors think about safe staffing levels here:

A further 7 trusts have selected HealthRoster-SafeCare last month. HealthRoster combined with HealthRoster SafeCare can help you meet the expectations set out in the How to guide from NHS England. To request a demo, a HealthRoster SafeCare business case or more information please email [email protected]

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