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Exclusive partnership with EG delivers Esbjerg Municipality win

Richmond, London: 18th May 2020: Esbjerg Municipality, the fifth largest municipality in Denmark and the fifth largest city in the country, has selected Allocate’s e-Rostering software. Esbjerg will use Optima which is provided by EG, its existing payroll and IT provider. EG partners with Allocate in Denmark and delivers Allocate’s Optima products as part of EG’s EG Optima solution.

The interoperability between EG’s payroll software and Allocate’s e-Rostering software will enable full automation of Esbjerg Municipality’s scheduling and payroll for all healthcare staff to deliver substantial time and cost savings across its entire substantive and temporary staffing population. The solution will provide scheduling for community healthcare workers, helping the municipality to compile fully costed, real-time rosters ensuring budgets are adhered to and the right skills are in place where they are needed.

“After thoroughly researching the market, we came to the conclusion that the solution with EG Payroll and EG Optima best meets our needs,” says Staff and Development Manager Birgitte Stenderup, Esbjerg Municipality.

“Esbjerg Municipality has a reliable solution that supports our business processes and which the employees are happy with. In addition, we are looking at a number of improved opportunities in connection with rostering, where we expect an efficiency improvement that can help with further support of our business processes. “

In addition to EG Optima, Esbjerg Municipality will also deploy Optima Medarbejder and Optima Afløser. Optima Medarbejder is Allocate’s mobile app which allows healthcare staff to manage and book work at their own convenience, making it easy to swap shifts, secure leave and manage timesheets. Optima Afløser is a temporary staffing module which will help roster appropriately skilled staff from the organisation’s temporary workforce.

With 12,000 staff, Esbjerg Municipality is Allocate’s largest municipality win in Denmark, and represents the firm’s fifth municipality to be secured since December 2019.

EG and Allocate’s exclusive reseller partnership enables both organisations to work together to quickly and efficiently mobilise and deliver interoperable payroll and rostering capabilities to Denmark’s municipalities. The EG Optima solution manages and automates staff scheduling and streamlines resource utilisation in municipalities as well as the regions and the institutions themselves.

EG Optima is based on the UK’s proven Allocate Optima system, which is used by more than 800,000 users globally in public hospitals, municipalities and institutions.

Casper Bergstrøm, Senior Key Account Manager at EG, commented;

“After seeing the success of Allocate’s Optima platform across healthcare organisations worldwide , we were keen to integrate the platform into our existing payroll solution in order to offer a scheduling system that ensured the right skills are in the right place at the right time. It is this proven functionality and ability to deliver activity-controlled staffing for continuous and uninterrupted services that has enabled us to secure Esbjerg Municipality.

“Through EG Optima, Esbjerg Municipality can co-ordinate advanced planning of staffing much more simply for better capacity management while concurrently running the payroll system for more accurate and efficient overall workforce management.”

Jan Keddy, Global Head of Partners for the Allocate commented:

“Winning Esbjerg Municipality is a major achievement for Allocate in Denmark as we rapidly expand our presence in the country. Our exclusive partnership with EG represents true interoperability as our rostering and payroll systems seamlessly unite to deliver substantial time savings to Danish municipalities, quickly and efficiently.

“Effective rostering will allow Esbjerg Municipality to make clearer, more efficient decisions based on real-time data. By gaining an accurate picture of staff utilisation, leaders can take control and plan resource more effectively. And when combined with EG’s payroll system, the impact on rostering and payroll teams is significant.”

Through its partnership with EG, Allocate now works with a number of municipalities in Denmark including, Syddjurs and Nyborg which have selected EG Optima, to help tackle profitability and efficiency in an increasingly challenging sector.

Sold under the SKI procurement framework, municipalities can be confident that when they buy EG Optima, all requirements and EU directives have been met. As such, the process of bringing the solution online is much quicker, simpler and more seamless.

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