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“The team using it are absolutely raving about the ease of use of the whole thing and how intuitive it is”

The University of Wolverhampton (UoW) is a public University located
in the Midlands, split across 4 campuses. It has a rich history of
education that goes back to 1827 and current hosts over 21,000

Of the 2500 staff at the University, it falls to Annabel Roberts,
Employee Relations Manager to manage all staff employee cases
that arise. Allocate sat down with Annabel so she could share the
team’s experience of trying to manage caseloads with just an Excel
spreadsheet, the problems they had when trying to use a solution that
was non purpose-built for case management and how she now finds
using Assure HRCase to manage the University’s cases after just
a few months.

  • Early days of using Assure HRCase.
  • Implementation.
  • First few months usage.
  • Reaction to the solution by the wider team.
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