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What you will learn

The fifth of a series of webinars focuses on Allocate OneView and how it can help organisations with large, complex and/or skilled workforce better prepare for today and tomorrow.

OptiAM is Comprehensive Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system that is  integrated with Allocate OneVew for tracking personnel skill training and capabilities but custom integration can be with other systems like procurement and supply systems.

Centered on optimizing maintenance programs for complex military assets by applying proven supportability analysis technics.  Standards based architecture:

  • ISO 55000
  • SAE GEIA-STD-0007
  • ASD S series specifications

Secure & modular web-based application allows multiple user access from anywhere (role-based security) including real-time condition monitoring data and custom integrations. Communication and storage capability for real-time condition monitoring data, storage and access.

Presenters: Lee Clarke, Allocate OneView Director; Sam Watson, Senior Product Specialist

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