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OneView | Webinar Series 6 | Taskmaster: Expertly Filtered


Watch on demand our OneView Series 6 – Taskmaster: Expertly Filtered with product experts Lee Clarke and Sam Watson.

This series focuses on smaller tasks and the best way(s) of completing them.


  • Sam Watson | OneView Pre- Sales Consultant, RLDatix
  • Lee Clarke | OneView Director, RLDatix
  • Nicola Papalini | OneView Product Manager, RLDatix


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Sam Watson

Pre-Sales Consultant

Sam joined RLDatix in 2017 and has been working on the OneView product since 2019. Sam has extensive experience having worked with organizations across a range of industries, including Cruise, Engineering, Facilities, Defence and more. Sam has delivered multiple series of webinars over the years covering topics such as the basics of scheduling to covering more advanced or complicated features in bite-size chunks.

Lee Clarke

Director for North America and Europe Services & Support

Lee has nearly 30 years in the IT industry, 27 of those years working with Maritime, Offshore Engineering & Defence customers to understand their issues and help build solutions. Originally as a software developer for Allocate and then as a Consultant, he is uniquely familiar with Allocate’s software solutions, especially those relating to workforce planning. He currently manages a team of professionals that support a range of Maritime blue chip and Fortune 500 companies based in the United States and Europe. His team is tasked to ensure that each customer maximises the utility of the solutions provided by Allocate and therefore achieve customer success.

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