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Collaborative banks are not as tricky to set-up as perhaps people once imagined.

A vaccination specific collaborative bank can be launched across nominated organisations in less than two weeks, utilising existing HealthRoster and Bank technology. This integration with HealthRoster ensures that a collaborative bank is the most cost-efficient, tightly governed, and easiest way for Lead Trusts to manage their workforce.

Whilst we know that a collaborative bank won’t solve all the answers to workforce gaps, Allocate’s CloudStaff technology will enable Lead Trusts to access a shared Bank of vaccination resources from local trusts. This accessibility provides organisations with workforce sustainability that works alongside an already exhausted workforce and your team of volunteers.

What are the key benefits of CloudStaff?

  • Reduce patient risk – Complete visibility of shift bookings and requests to fulfill. HealthRoster staff scorecards ensure that the most suitable staff are approved to fulfill duties.
  • Reduce administration – Reduce workers’ influx onto the Electronic Staff Record (ESR) through an automated HealthRoster data transfer.
  • Build resilience – The third line of defence following substantive and bank fulfillment, through access to a regional pool of NHS workers of known availability and quality
  • Reduce costs – Ensure that you are effectively using your staff for business as usual and vaccination duties, and not just recruited vaccine workers or relying on agency for boosting fulfilment.
  • Safety and quality – CloudStaff integrates with HealthRoster, providing you with complete workforce visibility and the prevention of unsafe working through European Working Time Directive (EWTD) rules that are checked against the organisation’s rosters.
  • Staff payments – Configured and facilitated at ease, with the Lead Trust paying vaccine staff through the ESR. The process, including recharges, is delivered through an automatic gateway between HealthRoster and ESR, all of which can be set-up between the cluster within five days.

Prepare for the long-haul

If you would like to find out how a collaborative bank could support your ongoing vaccine delivery programme, contact the team at [email protected].

We can share some recent examples of how we’ve been supporting trusts with their vaccine delivery through CloudStaff and work with you to see how we can find you the fastest and most cost-effective option to support your organisation.