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Keeping your workforce safe

As you prepare to return to sea, your thoughts will naturally turn to ensuring the safety of your workforce, their families, and that of your passengers. Now more than ever, you need to alleviate concerns and create peace of mind for all and your business. Managing employee wellness, safety, and workplace preparedness will enable you to achieve your goals and get back to work safely.

OneView holds essential information on crew members so you can instantly assess employee wellness, gain insights on their wellbeing, review medical data and certification, and workplace location while respecting privacy. Learn more about three of these innovative features from Sam Watson, Allocate Product Specialist:

  1. Documentation Centre
    With OneView you can quickly upload and check crew passports, visas, and ENG 1 or ML5 seafarer medical fitness certificates. Alerts are available to notify of impending renewals that need to be actioned in order for crew to continue to work, or embark or disembark at any port.
  2. Infection Control
    Monitoring the health of your crew is paramount. OneView stores crew  member’s daily temperature checks, current and due inoculations and vaccinations, medical history, and reports can be generated on any action required. Crew can also make self-declarations on their health and that of their relatives that can be uploaded to their case files.
  3. Workforce Location
    OneView timesheets and rostering ensures instant identification and location of all scheduled seafarers. This feature shows the exactly whereabouts of any crew member on a vessel and who they may have come into contact with should they or a colleague show symptoms of illness or infection.

For more information call +44 (0)20 7355 5555, email [email protected], fill out our online form, or book a free 20-minute demo to see OneView in action.

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