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Improved decision-making and cost control are two of the most crucial factors when looking at workforce and resource planning solutions. 

Strategic workforce management is about managing people, shaping the future proactively and choosing the right tools. 

That’s why Allocate OneView holds your data in a single structure, supporting you in time-based management of people, resources, and operations. The fully configurable solution adapts to your specific business needs. 

Dynamic environments are demanding flexible work force models, so understanding the intricate balance of skilled resources and their needs, to achieve your organisations objectives has never been more critical. 

What can OneView do?

As a fully configurable, it supports everything from long-term planning, organisational change, to operational planning and day-to-day tasks, such as monitoring staff hours, safety, and compliance. 

OneView can also benefit your business in many other ways, such as:  

Shift rosters & timesheets

Establishment Management

Dashboard & Reporting

Training Administration

Employee Self Service

Keep reading to discover the ways Allocate OneView can support your organisation to achieve operational efficiencies, help you react to scenarios and gain accurate data. 

Monitor and Eliminate Inefficiencies

Empower and make informed decisions swiftly to optimise workforce efficiency, allowing everyone to use data from the same single source. 

How OneView supports: 

  • Improved efficiencies in personnel and planning activities 
  • First-class, global support at all times 
  • Access through a range of user interfaces including mobile devices 

Rapidly React to Forecasting Scenarios

OneView offers readily available information for forecasting scenarios and making informed decisions, keeping your organisation on target.

How OneView supports:

  • High level of configurability to meet evolving needs
  • Comprehensive and strategic personnel planning and optimisation by using our plots, planning, and scheduling function.

Provide a Single Source of Truth

Data is consolidated, accurate and instantly accessible, allowing you to link your business planning to operational data, ensuring staff at every level are working in unison.

How OneView supports:

  • Accurate forecast of resource demand
  • Consistent, accurate management information via our shift rosters and time sheet functionality, along with our annual headcount and work plan area.

So, what’s next?

Embrace change.

Do you want your business to feel optimised, empowered, and ready for anything?

OneView will empower your workforce, elevating your organisation and building success.

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