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Workforce and resource planning with Allocate OneView

Allocate OneView is a web-based software as a service (SaaS) workforce optimisation and resource management application that supports time-based management of people, resources and operations. By holding data in a single structure, Allocate OneView leads to improved decision-making and cost control.

  • Dynamic organisation structure modelling
  • Extensive set of workforce planning tools
  • Integrated document Management and auditing capabilities
  • Add-on modules for day-to-day operational needs
  • Configurable hierarchies for positions, roles and complex skills/ compliance management
  • Auto scheduling and workplans
  • Flexible and powerful reporting
  • Open API for integration with other systems
  • Effective and productive use of skilled and certified resources
  • Removed siloed working, reducing the proliferation of spreadsheets
  • Reduction in costs and delays associated with double data entry
  • Improved visibility, resulting in optimum utilisation of personnel
  • Easier access to information for secondary users
  • Ability to share resources between regions minimising local recruitment needs

Access through a range of user interfaces including mobile devices

High level of configurability to meet evolving needs

Accurate forecast of resource demand

Improved efficiencies in personnel and planning activities

Consistent, accurate Management Information

Comprehensive and strategic personnel planning and optimisation

Powerful integration and interoperability capabilities

First-class, global support at all times

Self Service capability to empower the workforce

Workforce Planning, Management and Forecasting All-in-OneView

OneView empowers organisations to swiftly strategise and oversee workforce requirements with a singular source of truth, fostering a positive cycle of informed decisions for efficient outcomes.

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Enhancing Efficiency, Visibility, and Adaptability in Cruise Industry Staffing

One thing that I love is that OneView is probably the only program I’ve ever worked in for scheduling that has a drag-and-drop feature, which saves time when we’re uploading the documents for data entry. We can talk about the hours of timesaving it offers. Drag and drop really is an awesome feature that we use a lot

Kristy ArboledaWorkplace Planning Specialist, Starboard Cruise Services

Effective Force Generation, Training and Deployment of SOF Teams Using the Industry-Leading Defence Capability Optimisation Solution

I wanted to tell you that your team has done a remarkable job and we are extremely pleased. I think we now have a valuable mechanism to project combat power

Col Stu BradinUS Army, Chief of Staff NATO, Special Operations Forces Headquarters

Effective forecasting, resourcing, and understanding of deployment, tracking and crew use with the industry leading force optimisation solution

The versatility of Allocate’s Solution allows me to tailor the system to suit the needs of the organisation. This reduces support costs and allows requests for change from the users to be implemented expeditiously

Chief Officer Andy CookeRFA – Allocate Project Manager

In one single ship and shore system, planners at Van Oord wherever they are located, enjoy shared visibility of the entire company’s scheduling activities around the world. The availability of real-time data accelerates our scheduling processes and helps with effective management reporting that drives proactive decision-making and long-term forward-planning.

Robbert FerwerdaProject Manager GRIP, SMD Systems – Van Oord

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How configurable is Allocate OneView? Our organisation is very different to other businesses.

A:  Allocate OneView is highly configurable and can be tailored according to your business needs. We work with you to understand your requirements and where best to extend or enhance Allocate OneView up to meet those requirements. Through our programme of knowledge transfer, we can also train your application teams on how to extend OneView.

Q: We have a number of different systems already. How can we be sure that they will be able to communicate with Allocate OneView?

A:  Allocate OneView is designed around an open API.  Every action carried out in the UI can also be accessed through the API.  This includes integration and we make no charge for use of our API, which is included in your license fee.

Q: Can we combine Allocate OneView with other RLDatix products?

A: Where integration is required with Allocate OneView, we can build this for you.  This service extends beyond just RLDatix products.

Q: Can you provide statistics that show how Allocate OneView has helped organisations?

A: Due to the nature of our solutions and the organisations we work with, we cannot reveal specific information outside of the case study’s and quotes you will find on our website and product pages.  Our impact on the Defence industry (smaller, more efficient armed forces, better understanding of the types of skills staff in role, and the capability to move to a war footing) and the Maritime & Offshore Engineering industries (larger and robust cruise industry that manages thousands of crew rotations each week, automated travel requests linked to planning saving customers millions of dollars, Integrating planning, training and compliance to help save lives and protect your organisation and its reputation though compliance monitoring and alerts where staff are not qualified or do not have the correct training to be deployed) is visible for all to see. Our customers would be happy to talk to you about how we have helped and continue to help their organisations deliver success.

Q: We have large number of users that will need to be trained. How much of their time will you require to train up our teams?

A: Allocate OneView is designed to be simple to use and easy to navigate.  Our training starts on day one of the implementation project with Knowledge Transfer to our project teams, HRIS teams and Subject Matter Experts.  As we deploy, we will provide whatever training is required or train your trainers.  Unlike other large-scale solutions in the Workforce Management arena, you won’t need big teams and huge investments in training due to the simple to use yet powerful features in Allocate OneView.

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