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Last reviewed: 16th January 2024

A recent Freedom of Information disclosure revealed that the Metropolitan Police Service’s (MPS) Connect system, aimed at streamlining policing processes, is facing significant hurdles. With a budget overshoot of nearly £60 million and over 25,000 support requests within its first four months, the Connect system’s implementation has raised concerns about its efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

The Connect system was envisioned to revolutionise the way the MPS manages various policing processes. While it has proven successful in 15 other police forces, the unique demands and scale of the MPS required extensive customisation, leading to delays and increased costs. The system, initially budgeted at £150 million, is now projected to reach a total spend of around £214 million.

Amidst these challenges, there emerges a crucial need for a sustainable solution that not only addresses the complexities of large-scale police operations but also ensures cost-effectiveness and seamless integration for people management.

Introducing OneView Workforce Management Solution—an all-encompassing tool meticulously crafted to optimize operations, enhance efficiency, and reduce operational expenses to a minimum.

Addressing Customisation Challenges

OneView’s adaptability eliminates the need for extensive customisation, allowing for swift implementation. Unlike other systems, OneView offers a scalable solution that caters to the unique requirements of large police forces without compromising functionality.

Cost-Effective Operation and Savings

OneView’s modular design and user-friendly interface empower officers to manage various tasks efficiently, reducing the need for extensive training and support requests. The result is a system that aligns with budgetary constraints while delivering optimal functionality. By definition, it utilises the same entity relationships for all people activities.  User account roles allow for data and permissions to be segregated, further streamlining the efficiency of the system and improving usability.

Operational Efficiency and Integration

OneView’s unified platform eliminates the need for officers to navigate through multiple systems, significantly reducing the risk of errors and delays. By providing real-time information across various policing processes, OneView ensures that officers make informed decisions swiftly, contributing to operational efficiency improvements.

Looking to the Future

OneView Workforce Management stands out as a viable option, offering a streamlined, cost-effective, and integrated approach to police operations.

As the connect system is expanded across more and more forces, the technical debt will likely make upgrades difficult, expensive or even simply impossible.  OneView takes a different approach.  Regardless of whether a Police force opts for SaaS, on-prem or a hybrid approach, a new version of OneView is released every quarter, future proving forces and ensuring they have the best tools at hand.  OneView, one source of the truth.

In an era where technology is key to law enforcement success, choosing the right solution is paramount. The lessons learned underscore the importance of investing in a robust WFM solution designed to meet the unique needs of large-scale police forces and ensure the seamless integration of technology into daily operations.

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