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Save time, reduce costs and stay compliant with Assure Expenses

Simplify the way you submit, authorise, reimburse and audit employee business expenses. Assure Expenses is a cloud-based expense management solution that includes tools for tracking mileage, validating receipts, managing corporate cards, and generating reports.

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Selenity Expenses is a cloud based expenses management system that works on mobile, tablet and desktop.

Assure Expenses gives you the tools to proactively manage your employee and business expenses:

  • Built in spend reports provide an unparalleled level of insight, helping to drive further cost savings within your organisation.
  • Multiple mileage validation options are built-in, including GPS tracking, postcode-to-postcode search, and Address+ for pinpointing locations at street level.
  • Receipts can be captured digitally and attached to expense claims before they are submitted. Read our guide to HRMC policies on digital receipting here.
  • Claim status can be tracked in real-time, and users can provide justifications or make amends to queried claims before resubmitting.
  • Claims are automatically checked for policy and VAT compliance, and missing receipts, VAT and mileage miscalculations, and duplicate claims are flagged.
  • Corporate card statemen reconciliation with Assure Expenses, with users able to add expenses for each transaction, or match transactions to existing expense items.
  • The Expenses Mobile solution allows users to submit, track, manage, and approve expense claims from their smartphone.
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New for 2021: New app brings a user-friendly new look and feel that makes it easier and faster to log expenses. There is a new mileage claim GPS functionality, that allows users to set a start location and end location, and then the app calculates the distance automatically, so you don’t have to. A smart new Optical Character Recognition provides you with the ability to capture expense receipts, and the data on them, digitally which reduces the time it takes to make a claim.

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