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Revolutionising the management of passenger and home-to-school transport

An advanced digital transport management system used by councils and transport providers to plan, dispatch, track and trace their people, vehicles and passengers, end-to-end.

Image showing two screenshots from RLDatix's transport management system Flexiroute

Streamline your transport processes with ease and manage governance at the tip of your fingers

The councils’ annual expenditure on education, specifically home-to-school transport, and community initiatives has surpassed £2 billion, with a consistent year-on-year increase of nearly up to 10% since 2017, and this upward trend shows no signs of slowing down.

The impact on Councils? Huge financial strain, increased responsibilities, policy planning challenges and accountability and transparency.

Safeguarding is at the heart of everything that we do

With the rising demand for school transport and increased pressures on budgets, how can you be sure that you’re choosing the most cost-effective, compliant, and safest travel for your passengers?

Flexiroute exists to offer an end-to-end transport management system and drives considerable improvements for Councils, service users, families, carers, schools, and transport providers. It delivers automated route planning, real-time tracking of journeys and resource management so that users have greater control over safeguarding, transport quality and spend.

The team needed something that was not just ‘an entitlement piece’, but something that was truly operational and would help with the management of the full service, incorporating adult social care as well as home-to-school.

Emily GoodheadCustomer Experience Project Manager, Shropshire Council

The Flexiroute system ticked all of the boxes, and this was especially important for our Digital by Default project. With PlanRoute, anyone can query and find the information that they need, instantly. This really speeds up the process of allocating students on to routes.

Dan JeanesNetwork Manager, Warwickshire County Council

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Key Features and Benefits

Integrated Applications

The driver app allows a two-way communication for drivers to speak directly to dispatch and/or passengers when on the journey run.

Efficient Planning

The system’s advanced routing algorithms enable journeys to be automatically planned, based on real-time traffic data.

User Defined Automation

The ability to set up your own rules for automation for letters, alerts, contract variation and reminders to parents to apply for transport.

Route Optimisation

Quick optimisation of transport networks that can reduce costs and fuel usage. Built in reports for comparison.

Empower your organisation with a wealth of visibility and flexibility in real-time with Flexiroute

Onboarding with Flexiroute

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Plan, dispatch, track and trace people, vehicles and passengers, end-to-end.

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Connecting People to Places with Flexiroute

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Managing transport services with Flexiroute

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