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NurseRevalidation_LOGO_webAllocate Software is pleased to announce the launch of NurseRevalidation to help our customers address the upcoming NMC legislative requirements for nurse and midwife revalidation. The decision to offer a solution is a direct response to overwhelming demand from our nursing workforce customers for Allocate to provide a solution.

Our solution uses appraisal, e-Portfolio and training management technology provided by Premier IT. We selected the technology from Premier IT as we felt it was a mature and proven technology that would allow us to deliver a comprehensive NurseRevalidation solution. Allocate Software has been able to secure an exclusive licence with Premier IT to use their technology as part of our NurseRevalidation solution into the secondary care sector across both public and independent healthcare organisations.

Allocate Software believes that robust nurse appraisal and training management has always been a vital facet in enabling teams to deliver safe care. NurseRevalidation will help organisations support their nursing workforce to ensure individuals are fully trained, with the right, up-to-date skills and experience. The process is complementary to many of the foundation information sets required in HealthRoster and SafeCare to ensure you have the right people, with the right skills in the right place at the right time.

Find out more about NurseRevalidation or request a demo by emailing [email protected]