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Many schools are now beginning to send out enrolment reminders for the school year 2023/2024. An important element of enrolment is managing school transport applications to help with the planning and provision of mainstream and SEN Home to School Transport.

As the need for digital correspondence is stronger than ever, do you have the right systems in place to support transport applications management?

Managing school transport applications can be a resource-heavy task that includes precision planning, meticulous organisation and excellent communication between parents, carers, schools and councils. Here at RLDatix, we’ve listened to the needs of Local Authorities to address the key issues faced in this process and developed a digital solution to ease the stress for all involved.

Here’s how we can help:

1. Comprehensive eligibility processes

Our templated eligibility processes are set up based on DfE government guidance, and these can be easily adapted to suit the Local Authorities’ individual needs and requirements. It’s easy to build forms and questionnaires that gather all relevant information in one place, removing the need to move between multiple systems.

2. Clear audit trail

Using our digital Applications module, every action and update is fully auditable, ensuring a smooth and reliable process. Local Authorities can easily and conveniently see a full list of actions that have been taken with transport applications, including any supporting documentation. This gives continuity for parents/carers and enables a robust, transparent process for all involved.

3. Easily tracked documentation

Our Applications module enables documentation to be digitally stored, viewed, and updated using secure role-based access permissions. Decisions can be made confidently with the knowledge that all information relating to that application is taken into the decision-making process. Digitally storing documentation ensures all stakeholders have access to the information they need at their fingertips, whilst also reducing the risk of lost paperwork and duplicated tasks.

Managing applications and appeals can be a challenging and complex process, which is why we have worked with some of the largest councils in the UK to understand the pain points and developed a system to truly help. We know that a key goal for Local Authorities is making the lives of children, parents and carers easier, resulting in fewer queries for council staff and less stress and anxiety for all.

Cathy Bell

Cathy Bell

Account Manager

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