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Dortmund, 27 February 2017.

Allocate Software, the leading international player in workforce optimization software for healthcare, announces the opening of its new office in Dortmund to serve Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The company will bring to these countries its Optima software solution, already used worldwide by leading hospitals to schedule over 500,000 healthcare professionals. Allocate also announced the appointment of Andreas Kumbroch as its General Manager for the region. Andreas brings over 30 years of experience in the German-speaking healthcare sector having previously served as General Manager at vision4health and CompuGroup.

The Optima SaaS solution is a full service suite that helps with planning and rostering staff, managing leave and absences, requesting and managing casual and agency staff when required, engaging directly with staff through a dedicated mobile app (Mein Optima), and supporting managers to operate safely and efficiently in real-time linked to actual patient needs. Healthcare leaders can coordinate their staffing with actual patient requirements, resulting in increased employee efficiency and productivity, while also guaranteeing higher quality care and safety for the patient. This holistic approach will be the first of its kind in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

“Optimised staffing in the healthcare sector is critical to the safe and efficient delivery of care services to patients around the world” explains Dr. Sati Sian, CEO of the Allocate Software group. “Today our customers around the world, including the majority of hospitals in UK, use our software to plan, manage and optimise their workforce for the safe and efficient delivery of care to patients. With complex regulations, budget restrictions and the constant need to deliver high quality care, focusing on the deployment of the workforce is critical to success. Our Optima solution helps healthcare leaders to rise this challenge. I hope that we can deliver similar benefits to customers in Germany as we have to other countries around the world.”

Andreas Kumbroch, General Manager of Allocate Software GmbH, explains: “The key to success here is to go beyond time and attendance monitoring, schedule planning and payroll accuracy – all of which are incredibly important to get right. True success is taking the next innovative step towards making sure that the staff skills and capacity are linked back to real patient needs and to provide staff with mobile tools so that they can engage directly with their own planning. As I join Allocate Software to bring Optima to Germany, Austria and Switzerland, I look forward to enabling the change from workforce planning to workforce optimisation that could deliver great benefits to healthcare services.”

The Optima software is already translated and adapted for the German market and initial dialogue with leading institutions is underway. “Right now, it’s all systems go for us,” sums up Kumbroch.

Note to Editors

About Allocate Software: Allocate Software is a leading international provider of workforce solutions, supporting the operational and administrative needs of healthcare professionals in all healthcare settings. Allocate Software is enabling the delivery of safe and effective care at optimal cost, by having the right people in the right place at the right time. With over 800 clients and over a 1,000,000 staff rostered daily spanning the largest public and private sectors institutions (500,000 on the Optima platform), its key vertical market is Healthcare. With 410 employees, and 190 in R&D and product management functions, Allocate Software is leading the world in the latest in workforce management innovation. Headquartered in the UK, Allocate Software provides services and support to its international customer base through regional offices in the UK, Sweden, France, Spain, Germany and Australia.

About Optima: Optima is a Software-as-a-Service platform that can optimise the complex staffing requirements of large health and care organisations. Alongside automating sophisticated scheduling and ensuring accurate pay for staff that have complex pay rules, it is unique in providing additional benefits to improve the safety of staffing given changing patient needs, the management of contingent workforce, and the engagement of staff through the dedicated app. Optima can be used to support all workforce groups including Doctors, Nurses, Therapists, Care staff, operational staff and administrators.

About Andreas Kumbroch: Andreas Kumbroch is responsible for DACH (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) operations at Allocate Software, international market leader for workforce optimization software in the healthcare sector. Andreas is well-known in the German healthcare market as the former managing director of vision4health and CompuGroup in the laboratory information systems segmen

Kumbroch, Andreas

Andreas Kumbroch, General Manager at Allocate Software GmbH

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