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Following the widely publicised global cyber-attack last week that has affected some NHS organisations we would like to confirm that the Allocate Cloud has not been impacted and we would like to offer support and assistance to any of our customers whose local systems are impacted by this issue.

As stated for customers with Allocate solutions hosted in the Allocate Cloud, I can confirm that the Allocate Cloud has not been impacted. As a precautionary measure, and as part of our pro-active monitoring and support service, our Cloud Operations team have monitored our infrastructure over the weekend and will continue to do so. However, it is important to note that the design of the Allocate Cloud means that the protocols exposed to this type of vulnerability are inherently disabled.

Although the Allocate Cloud is unaffected – we realise that some organisations are experiencing disruption with their N3 or Internet connectivity, meaning they are unable to access Allocate systems. For these customers, our Customer Success and Service Desk teams can access your systems on your behalf and we can provide data, reports or other operational assistance on request.

We have established a dedicated support line for customers – 02081005827 – this line is staffed by Customer Success Analysts who are ready to respond and offer immediate assistance.

Some of our customers choose to only allow access to their systems via the N3 network. Where this is the case, we can extend access to these systems via the Internet on request. Many of our customers with internet links to their Allocate systems have been able to continue working over the weekend or have established local arrangements using alternative internet connections to continue to access their live systems. If you would like to discuss the access to your systems hosted in the Allocate Cloud, please contact us on the dedicated support line – 02081005827.

For customers who host their Allocate systems themselves ‘on premise’ – we can offer further support including temporarily migrating your data to the Allocate cloud in an urgent timeframe. Please contact us via the dedicated support line on 02081005827 to discuss this in more detail.

We appreciate that this is a very challenging issue for the NHS and many of our customers and we are committed to providing whatever practical support we can. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to seek re-assurance or assistance with any aspect of your Allocate solutions in response to this issue.

Kind regards,

Mark Hindle

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Director of Customer Success, UK & Ireland