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Allocate Software is an expenses supplier to the NHS ESR Programme

By January 8, 2016August 9th, 2022No Comments

Following a detailed review process Allocate Software is delighted to now be an expenses supplier to the NHS ESR Programme.

As part of the requirements capture process undertaken ahead of the re-procurement of ESR, NHS Organisations identified a range of enhancements that would improve the capability and efficiency of ESR. One of these enhancements was the need for an expenses solution that would enable NHS employees to create travel and subsistence claims via ESR and transfer to payroll for processing.

Allocate’s e-Expenses delivers a two-way data flow with ESR, saving time and ensuring the accuracy of data. Uniquely Allocate e-Expenses is fully integrated with HealthRoster – the UK’s most widely used e-Rostering software. This integration reduces duplication of effort, eases use by allowing users to manage expenses within the existing commonly used Employee Online application that staff use to manage their time and shifts, further more it cross references claims against the rosters meaning greater accuracy read more.

“e-Expenses’ integration with HealthRoster has helped the Trust improve its efficiency and accuracy for expense claims and also given us the visibility to identify financial savings. There is minimal setup to get staff up and running as it uses existing data already in HealthRoster such staff contact details, home and base address, cost centres and posting details.

The system provides greater visibility by allowing managers to cross check claims against staff rosters to ensure that fraudulent claims are easily identified. Claimants no longer have to check their mileage in Google maps because the system calculates it for them, the notifications and claim status update allows them to know claim has been approved and sent to ESR for payment.

Our payroll providers like the ESR payroll interface as it as it saves them time and administration compared to manually processing paper claims.”

Guy Kioni, HealthRoster Programme Manager, NELFT NHS Foundation Trust

Sati Sian, Chief Executive Allocate Software commented “I am delighted that NHS Trusts will be able to now access e-Expenses through this ESR agreement. This is great opportunity for our customers to tackle the admin burden of staff expenses and to leverage their existing software in doing so”

Trusts that have not yet begun their e-Expenses journey can find out more and see a short demo at

Allocate customers already using e-Expenses can look forward to some new feature enhancements and availability of additional functionality in the near future.

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