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Lord Carter’s report on Productivity in NHS hospitals is now published.

By February 5, 2016August 9th, 2022No Comments

The full report can be found here.

The final report makes it clear that there is more Trust’s can do to manage their workforce more productively.  It talks about ‘unwarranted variation’ highlighting examples such as sickness and absence between 2.7% to 5.8%.

The report fully recommends the use of eRostering to meet the workforce productivity challenge and it outlines an opportunity for Trust’s to mature their use of both eRostering and Job Planning. It also identifies a benefit for Trusts to better deployment the Allied Health Professional (AHPs) workforce.

It outlines the value of comparison across wards and trusts. Identifying, and crucially understanding, a relative position to others is one of the key benefits that Allocate Insight customers are harnessing to drive better rostering and wider workforce productivity improvements.

The report also introduces a new metric called Care Hours per Patient Day (CHPPD). This metric is closely related to Nursing Hours per Patient Day that also formed part of the NICE guideline on staffing in acute wards. This metric is already available to all customers that use SafeCare. This is expected to becomes a key performance reporting metric for all Trusts.

Over the coming days we will be providing supporting online briefings and meetings to outline how our customers can use the investments they have already made to get ready for fulfilling the recommendations in the report. This will include detailed briefings on how to use SafeCare for Care Hours per Patient Day. Following these briefing we will also have a series of animations, FAQs and papers to help you practically understand how to make more of eRostering from ward to board; as well as case studies from your peers elsewhere that are already using HealthRoster, SafeCare and Allocate Insight to improve productivity

In the meantime if you have any direct questions for us please email [email protected]