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HealthRoster Aged & Community Care – New Release

By November 16, 2013No Comments

Modelling rosters leads to big staff savings with HealthRoster Aged and Community Care New Release

Health and aged-care organisations can expect big savings in staff costs as the latest release of Allocate’s HealthRoster Aged & Community Care software launches with budget-modelling to allow real-time costing by shift.

The new version is packed with features to drive productivity and staff engagement and boasts a new web-based platform and faster and simpler user interface. Key new features include:

1. mobile access, so users can view rosters and make requests via tablets and smartphones

2. improved employee self service interface for leave entries, and

3. budget modelling capability, enabling accurate forecasting of roster budgets.

“We’re very excited about the new release, and I believe our customers will absolutely love the mobile version which lets employees log in to their roster from their smartphone and check it live,” says Geoff Aiken, Allocate’s pre-sales product specialist.

Anglicare remuneration manager Leigh Carroll says the web-based platform is ideal. “The activities are in real time and accessible from any computer in the entire organisation which allows us to be more dynamic with our solutions.”

Barry Faulkner at McKenzie Aged Care Group has been trialling the new version and says the new Budgeting Module is already delivering big savings in time and accuracy.

“We can now create an initial budget for a facilities financial year in less than five minutes, by the system using information from daily requirements and the applicable award rules. Any required changes to roles and shifts can be made and saved,” he says.

Rein de Vries, Allocate’s Client Services Manager, says that the budget modelling feature is a game-changer for the sector.

“Staffing can be 80 per cent of an organisation’s total costs in this sector, so having an instant comparison of your actual rostered shift costs against budget is really powerful. Managers can take immediate action to control costs.”

Implementation of the new software should be relatively smooth, Mr de Vries adds, with a solid migration path in place from older versions and strong customer support already in place.

“This version is thoroughly tested and functionally rich, with three customers following a rigorous test program including a successful parallel run in production through two pay cycles each.”

Allocate Software’s HealthRoster Aged & Community Care is already used in nearly 30Australian aged and community care organisations to manage a range of staff groups and staff types.

Now part of Allocate Healthsuite, HealthRoster Aged & Community Care merges the Australian-designed RosterOn software into Allocate’s HealthRoster product, which supports rostering of over a million staff in more than 300 organisations globally.

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