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Product Update – March 2015

By March 2, 2015August 9th, 2022No Comments

Product update – exciting new developments on the Allocate RosterOn V8 platform

There are a number of exciting new developments in the Allocate RosterOn solution, including;

  • Swipe with geo-location and unique ID.  The RosterOn mobile client now provides the ability to store GPS coordinates and a unique ID identifying the device with each swipe.  The swipe processing logic will trigger alerts for any suspicious behaviour such as buddy swiping.  The geo-location data can be used to record and track the location of each swipe and distance from known site locations.
  • Web Services for roster outbound and swipe Inbound.  The ability to import and export data from the RosterOn application has been a feature for some time.  The import and export process has been enhanced to extend the import functionality to facilitate data upload via Web Services. At this time the Web Services are limited to roster data outbound and Swipe data inbound, but this will be extended to other components in future releases.
  • Improved logging for services with email notification. The RosterOn windows service manages the scheduled inbound interface, biometric device integration, and SMS notification among other activities.  The service has been rewritten to improve reliability and robustness as well as improved logging with email notification.

There’s also some great new functionality planned for upcoming releases including:

  • Gantt view for roster and availability displays.
  • Leave planner using new Gantt view.
  • Swipe exceptions management screen.
  • Dynamic roster processing logging and troubleshooting.

If you have queries please contact Nicole Sadlo [email protected]